Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday + Photo Challenges

Hmm, do you think Abby's comfortable?!

So here I am again ... with more photo challenges! Chelsey's theme over at The Paper Mama is "Brown." I was unsure of which photo to submit for this ... should I stick with landscape, the color brown on the baby, or use a picture of Max? Then I found this photo of Abby that I took last month and I decided to go with brown colors. It's one of my favorite photos - those little hands won't be that small forever.

The Paper Mama

Over at In a Yellow House, the theme for the week is "Art." For this challenge, I knew exactly which photo I wanted to use so I dove into the archives on my computer to find it. I took this photograph of "The Hammering Man" outside the Seattle Art Museum.

Why don't you show some love for these ladies? Click on the links to enter a photo or check out the other entries!


Carol said...

Great entries! I love that shot of Abby. The perspective is perfect! If she was shoe-less you would have gotten sweet baby feet at the same time :)

lisa said...

These are just wonderful shots!

Nancy E said...

Very cool indeed --- love the hammering man!

Here is my selection this week.