Friday, September 3, 2010

Flashback Friday

Here ya go folks... my first Flashback Friday post EVER
and it's all about ME!

Here I am ... only a month old.
Looks like Abby got all that dark hair from me!

Me & my sister Jen ... isn't this such a sweet photo?

Then there is the hair at a year old ... look at those curls!!

Another hair shot :)

So what do ya'll think, does Abby look like her Mama? Lately, we have been getting such a mix of answers. One day someone will say she looks just like me, then the next day.... she looks just like Jim. I think that's a good thing though ... she is the perfect mix of her Mommy and Daddy!


Carol said...

Um,yeah. In those curley hair shots and especially the first one, she looks just like you! If you post some pics of Hubs as a baby then maybe I can really decide. But, at this point, I think she looks more like you as a baby!

Susan said...

She definitely looks like her Mama...but I can see where people might also say she looks like Jim. You're right, she's well-blended!

Anonymous said...

The second to last looks a lot like her! So cute! Rylie is my baby twin but her daddys grown up twin (if that makes sense) lol

P.S. You've been tagged on my blog!