Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's a wrap!

The last day of Kindergarten came way too quick; like a big gust of wind came along and just pushed us to the very last day of school without any warning.  When I think back to that very first day of elementary school, it's easy to remember the mix of emotions that we all felt that day.  (ok, maybe the emotions that this Mama felt)  Anxious, fear, nervous, sad, excited, happy, proud.  It was so hard seeing my little girl headed into such a BIG place, full of older kids roaming the halls.  It wasn't easy knowing that my little girl would be kept safe for a full day of school and it wasn't me that was able to do that. But... what was easy, was knowing that my little girl was ready, hopeful, and excited for a year of endless possiblities to begin.  And for that alone, I was one proud Mama.  My little girl was definitely ready!

We were so blessed to start our elementary experience with such an amazing teacher, Mrs. Turner.  Abby just loved her and we knew she was a great fit from the start.  Mrs. Turner challenged the kids, made learning fun, and had high expectations of these kids.  We watched Abby grow so much; both in height (happens too fast!) and her eagnerness to learn.  She fell in love with school ... made so many new friends and learned many new things.

This was also the year of her first "crush."  Sure there's been "boyfriends" in the past and little guys that make her smile ... but....  One little guy in particular quickly became that crush ... you know, the one you talk about all the time.  ;)  These two really had such a sweet friendship.  A friendship that will definitely continue for years to come!

It was such an exciting year ... full of many firsts!  To think that we are just getting started on this ride, it may be time to buckle up!  If it's anything like Kindergarten, we better hold on tight and take it all in.  ;) 

Warning: Time will fly, but precious memories will be made.