Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nobody likes a copycat ...

Not true. There is one exception. I like a copycat when she's a cute, spunky, animated, almost thirteen month old. I am really enjoying this age, the beginning of toddlerhood ... even though it's exhausting. Abby is quite the entertainer these days and it's all because of what she sees the people around her doing. Each day she picks up something new, something new that is able to give everyone a good laugh.

Abby will stop and dance to any tune ... even if you start to clap, she will start to dance. She knows how to clap, high five, and when asked, "Where's Mama's nose?", she will touch my nose. Thanks to Grandad, she also knows how to pick her nose. Yup, she saw it once and that's all it took. From watching us cook, Abby now pretends she is stirring something in a pot. She puts her (fake) lipstick on and tries to put the leash on Max. She walks around the house with her purse in one hand and a cell phone to her ear in the other saying "Hi" over and over. When passing a stranger in the grocery store, she sure does put on a show. She makes em' laugh and when she hears em' laugh, she shows off some more. It's the cutest thing. I see an award for "Most Outgoing" in my daughter's future.

It amazes me how much Abby can do and understand at this age. I know it's all a part of growing up and understanding more of the world around her. Her personality is really starting to take shape and she is becoming this little person instead of a baby. I guess in this scenario, being a copycat is a good thing ... she just keeps learning and learning ... and that's a good thing. :)

Abby loves her purse ... one of her favorite toys. :)

That's right Abby ... time for Max to go outside!

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Sue said...

Sweet pictures....she's really showing that precious personality ;)