Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little bit of thanks ... and a whole lot of mums!

One of the many reasons I love being back in my hometown is because of the beautiful landscape. Those of you that grew up in the country know that there is nothing like it. Our family is truly blessed to be able to return here each summer and enjoy the countryside. I love that Abby can experience some of the things I did growing up as a child, even though we live in Florida for most of the year. Well half of the year... or a little less actually... wow, baseball season is loooooong. Sigh.

This week we've had some beautiful weather, with cooler temperatures reminding us that Fall is on its way! What better way to celebrate the beginning of Fall than to take a trip to the Mum Farm. My sister Heather plants Mums every Fall so Abby and I tagged along for some fun in the fields. Luckily schools were closed, so Emily got to come along too. Abby loves being around those cousins of hers!

Abby had a lot of fun pulling at the flowers, smelling them, and of course falling into a few of them. It was hard for her to walk on such rough terrain, but thankfully she managed to have only a few wipeouts. The farmer (her name is Cookie by the way), enjoyed watching Abby play with the flowers and said she loved how her Mama didn't mind her getting dirty, especially with such a pretty skirt on. Of course I didn't mind ... I'm a country girl at heart. Forever.

And here's five things I'm thankful for on this Thankful Thursday!

1. Gramma & Grandad giving me a night out on Friday! I am so looking forward to a night at the ballpark with the other wives, a late dinner with my hubby after the game, and an overnight stay at the Hilton! Wahoo!!

2. Getting the keys to our new house. It finally feels official and I can't wait to move in!

3. Jeans that are too tight. That's right, I'm actually thankful for this. It's a reminder that I need to start eating healthier. I even skipped my cookies and milk last night. I'm having withdrawals from the chocolate as I type.

4. No baseball today!! An off day to spend as a family. Abby and I have been looking forward to it!

5. My sweet baby and how she makes everyone around her smile and laugh. And her mad dance skills. :)


Carol said...

I love that Barn. I wish you had gotten closer to it. I can't wait to get on my Grandpa's Farm and shoot some Farm-ish pictures with the girls. It's on my to-do list. Oh, and on Sept. 28th, Abby & Chloe will have a's scheduled, so plan on it!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Wow, that barn with baby is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz! I LOVE the pictures of Abby in the country! So cute! And your thankful list is great! Glad you and Jim got a date night! See you SOON!!!! :)