Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mommy's Photo Shoot

Yesterday Abby and I had some free time to just hang out together. We spent a lot of time playing in her nursery, looking at all the colors, playing with some new toys, and having a mini photo shoot! She is such a fun baby in the morning - take a look at how big she is getting! :)

After the busy morning, Abby and I had a playdate with Baby Jonah, who is just a week older than Abby. It was wonderful to finally meet Michelle's baby, since we were both pregnant at the same time. We were constantly sharing pregnancy stories about heartburn, nausea, and kicks to the ribs. Both babies came early and here we are having playdates! Jonah and Abby shared the playmat for a bit .... Abby kept trying to hit Jonah. (not on purpose of course!) I guess we need to teach her early to keep her hands to herself! Playtime didn't last too long, both of the babies needed their naps! It was a fun time talking to Michelle and sharing mommy stories. Abby and I are looking forward to our next playdate! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Missing YOU!

While feeling so happy to be home, there are times when Abby and I miss everyone in Maryland. Abby is growing just too fast and with every smile, coo, or almost giggle we get... I wish Gramma and Grandad were around to see it. Of course, Abby misses her aunts and cousins too!! Aunt Jenny must miss her little goddaughter because she is still spoiling her and sending clothes to her in the mail. She just loves buying for Miss Abby! Aunt Heather was showing some new pictures of Abby to Emily the other night and Em said "Such a big girl... I miss her already!" Em - we miss playtime with you!
Jim and I know that one day our families will be together when the time is right. For right now, there is a reason for us to be here in Florida. It's a place that makes us happy, with wonderful friends, lots to do, and great weather! :)

Abby is all smiles when she's around Gramma!

Abby misses sitting with Grandad on his tractor. Next time Abby will be ready for a ride!

Aunt Jenny loves cuddling with Abby... and it sure looks like Abby loves it too!

Abby playing with Emily ... video is a month old or so, but still cute!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home sweet home!

Abby is 2 months old!

The Johnson's are finally home in sunny (and very humid) Sarasota, Florida! Abigail has adapted well to her new home and LOVES being in her nursery. She loves looking all around the room, especially at the butterflies on the ceiling. It feels good to have everything organized and in one place.
Nana and PopPop have been visiting and helping out around the house. There was a lot to unpack, organize, and clean and with their help things went a bit more smoothly. Of course we had some fun in between and they enjoyed seeing their granddaughter for the first time!
Abby also turned 2 months on October 18th. I cannot believe how much she is changing! With smiles that make my heart melt and coos and squeals, she really is taking on quite the personality. It's so fun. She isn't far away from her first laugh either.... won't be long! She already laughed in her sleep so loud that it woke her up. It was the cutest thing!

Abby and PopPop ... he put her right to sleep! :)

Abby and Nana ... meeting for the first time.

Abby's first trip to HOME DEPOT, Daddy's favorite spot. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Baby!!

Look at this cutie!!! Abby is starting to get a personality all of her own and it's so exciting for me and Jim to watch her change everyday. Being able to make her smile and coo is enough to melt our hearts. She even giggled for Jim last weekend so we've been trying to get her to laugh since then with no luck. It's coming!!! Abby is 8 weeks in this picture ... and loving playtime with Mommy!

I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Abby is two months old tomorrow and we have her check-up on Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing how much our little girl weighs and NOT looking forward to the shots. We'll get through it!

Friday, October 16, 2009

First Family Vacation

And we're off... NY here we come!

Earlier this week we went on our first family vacation... or at least a mini getaway! Jim and I loaded the car, put a sleeping baby in her car seat and started on our four hour drive to Endicott, New York. Visiting Jim's hometown, we would be able to see how it's changed, visit with family and old friends, and eat all the yummy food I always hear Jim talk about!
During our visit, we stayed at an old mansion that had recently been turned into a resort. The mansion belonged to the owner of IBM in the early 1940's. We stayed in the "Eisenhower Suite" which apparently is where President Dwight Eisenhower stayed when he came to visit. It was a very unique room, with antique decor, a fireplace (which we used every night), and our very own patio. Quite stunning!
Over the three days in New York, we spent a lot of our time traveling from house to house visiting Jim's aunt, cousins, and friends. Jim enjoyed a day of golf with his old buddies, while Abby and I had a playdate with some of his friends children. On the last day, we went to The Cider Mill, a local establishment that makes their own cider and donuts. We watched how the donuts and cider were made through windows and enjoyed all the apples, mums, and pumpkins that were outside. This was Abby's first time to a pumpkin patch and of course she slept in her stroller the whole time. I thought it was fun anyway!
It was great to see everyone, visit some of Jim's old hangouts, and show off our beautiful baby. Of course, Abby was loved and adored by everyone! On the drive home, we even drove through SNOW for almost an hour! With one successful vacation under our belt, we know it's able to be done and look forward for more adventures!
Traditions at the Glen - where we stayed

Abby was thrilled.. can't you tell?!

Playdate fun with Ethan

All cuddled up... brrr, it was cold!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

One happy family!

      Jim and I are so relieved that baseball season is finally over!  I haven't posted in a while because we have been taking time to enjoy being a family and getting to know Abigail on a whole new level.  Abby sure does love her Daddy!  
      Abby's personality is starting to come out.... slowly, but it won't be long from now!  We are seeing more smiles (while she is awake!) in response to silly things we do.  She can coo and grunt during playtime.  It's adorable!  Abby seems to enjoy laying on a blanket on the floor with rattles and toys all around her, even more than being held these days.  
      We have a busy weekend ahead of us with our friend Meredith's wedding and then Jim, Abby, and I are heading to New York for a few days next week.  I promise to post more videos and pictures soon ... you will be amazed at how little Abby is growing!!!

Abby loves sleeping with Daddy! :)

Listen for Abby cooing... She does it a lot more but seems to get camera shy!