Monday, September 6, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

Each summer, for the past fifty (or so) years, our family has gathered together for a family reunion. It's a time of reminiscing and thinking back to "the good ol' days." Our family is great at keeping memories alive, that's for sure! It's a time to visit with family members that we don't see as often as we'd like. Some, we only see once a year ... and each year brings a new surprise... maybe a marriage or a new baby.

Thanks to my Aunt Kay and Uncle Donnie, they have hosted the family reunion at their beautiful home for the past several years. It's the perfect spot ... nestled right on the water with a breeze coming through the windows. Boat rides, trampoline fun, a huge assortment of food, laughter with family, telling stories, chasing toddlers, and a little picture taking. I took a bunch of photos, so I'm hoping my bestie Carol will help me with those amazing slideshows she knows how to do! Then maybe next time, I won't have to leave out some photos or have such a long post either.

Beautiful setting and a beautiful day!

Abby & Libby
I had trouble getting a good shot of the both of them.
Photographing two toddlers is hard!

My little birdwatcher.

My grandmother and her great grandchildren :)

Look at those beautiful eyes!

Isn't this little guy so handsome?

Strike a pose!

So sweet.

Abby finally gave in. Gramma knows just how to do it!

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Carol said...

Are they both sleeping? So cute! I love the watermelon outfit, makes me want to eat her up! And, amazing how quickly she started looking like a toddler instead of a baby! Miss you guys! I'll definitely help you with a slideshow, but only over a glass of wine :)