Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday + In A Yellow House

On this Thankful Thursday, I'm keeping it simple. I stumbled across this video on Facebook, where a friend of mine posted it on her page last night. The words in this video brought back memories to the beginning of my journey as a Mama. I admit, the beginning of my journey was way harder than I expected and I am so thankful that I reminded myself everyday of words like these found in this video. "It's okay to want a break ... You will make mistakes ... Nobody really knows what they're doing ... Be brave." It's words like these that touched my heart and helped me to "Take the time to fall in love with my baby" and for THIS I am THANKFUL.

This weeks theme at the In a Yellow House Photo Challenge is "Work and Play." At first I was unsure of what kind of photo to enter and I wanted to take the easy way out and skip the challenge this week. Then I found this photo of the hubs. I can't take credit for actually taking the picture, but I did do all the editing. And even though he is going to kill me for entering a picture of him, I think it totally fits the "Work and Play" theme. When he takes the field during a game, he gets to play and do what he loves. But ... baseball is work. Hard work. So proud of my hubs! :)


Carol said...

Wow. That video had me all choked's something all new moms should see. Also, I distinctly remember writing in your baby shower card similar will be overwhelmed, you will be exhausted, and I'm here for you when that happens :)

Love the picture! It turned out great! And, thanks for the guilt trip since I was planning on skipping the challenges this week...I need to get my act together!

Ashley Sisk said...

I think that's a great photo - yeah my husband often cringes when I use his photo for anything as well. Have a great day!

Nancy E said...

Love the photo too! My husband although willing thinks it is crazy that I really don't "know" all of you and we comment on eachother's photos. It is so fun though, and to me at times makes it nice to have this creative outlet with folks getting to know you through photography.

Thanks for sharing!

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