Friday, October 29, 2010

Tomorrow is THE day!

Tomorrow is THE day, the day that we move into the new house. I couldn't be more excited, even though it's been an exhausting move. Our old house is looking empty, sad, and a bit on the depressing side. Closets are emptied, pictures are taken off the walls, and boxes are packed. New house here we come ... and to those of you out in the blogging world, I'll return when things get a little less crazy around here. Until then ... Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy your weekend ... I'll be back Monday or Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Never too early ...

... to sport a backpack.
Abby's all ready for school ... with her bottle, sippy, and binky inside.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finally ... the video!

Well that was quite the production, but in my previous post I promised a video of more pumpkin patch photos. So here it is ... enjoy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Festival - Florida Style

Yesterday was the perfect day for a Fall Festival, other than the Florida (not so Fall) heat and football kickoff times of 1pm. Despite those two things, we headed to Hunsader Farms for a fun filled morning with the Piersoll Clan. I was totally blown away by the amount of things to do at this festival. Of course there were pumpkins, pony rides, candy apples, hayrides, and corn mazes. But ... there was also a petting zoo, a classic car show, tractors on display, craft booths, and a butterfly tent.

Abby wanted no part of riding a pony this time around, which really comes as a shock because she loves animals. Maybe I had something to do with that because of her first ride. Who knows. Camdyn and Chloe sure loved it and we all had quite a laugh when Cam's pony needed to go "potty." The petting zoo and butterfly tent were hits and Abby probably had the most fun playing in the pumpkin tent and dancing on the stage with the live country band.

Even though the weather doesn't feel like Fall here in Florida, there is still something in the air that I love this time of year. I love all the decorations, pumpkins, candy apples, cider ... everything. It was such a fun time spending the day in the open air with great friends and thankfully our hubbies weren't too upset with the amount of football missed. :)

Abby didn't want anything to do with a pony,
but she was in awe of the animals in the petting zoo.

Abby dancin' to the music!

Family Shot - this was the only halfway decent one,
even though I'm not looking at the camera.

So many pumpkins to choose from ...

... but she finally found one her size.

This little girl was asleep before we even got on the road.
Ahhh, a peaceful car ride :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

A little photo fun ...

Remember how the bestie twisted my arm to take an online photography class? Even with packing boxes and moving into a new house, I am so happy I decided to pay the 20 bucks and try it out. It isn't overwhelming or too time consuming and it has really made me think about how I'm taking photos. Since the manual for my camera is like a textbook, it hasn't been opened since last Christmas. I love that I'm learning more about the functions of my camera and how it works. We've been working with lighting, framing, cropping, and doing a lot with portraits. All perfect for a mom that loves taking photos of her little girl.

For the first few portrait assignments, I used Abby. That was hard work ... trying to adjust settings and focus on lighting and framing while chasing around a toddler. I'm sure I'll get there, but for the last assignment I decided to use our neighbors beautiful four year old instead. She was so easy to photograph and such a little model.

So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos with you. I still need some practice and I'm looking forward to learning so much more. I think I'm getting a little better though ... or at least, here's hoping!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Growing up too fast!

Good morning - Happy Wednesday!
Abby looks like such a big girl here.

New shoes from Daddy. Adorable.

This little girl loves 'em. (the shoes and her Daddy)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Change isn't always easy ...

I'm not too sure who has been handling the new daycare situation better, me or Abby. When we got back home to Florida, Abby started going to her daycare two days a week, just like before ... but this time in a different classroom. I knew this was going to be happening, I just didn't want to believe it was happening so soon. Abby started off in the infant room, with teachers that really took to Abby, made me feel completely comfortable, and kept me reassured that I was doing the right thing with sending Abby to daycare. I was happy to be getting some "me" time ... time to catch up on laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, blogging, photography ... and Abby was getting some social time with other children her age. We started to use one of her teachers as a babysitter and needless to say, Abby became quite attached.

Fast forward to now ... amidst the transition into the toddler classroom. Not only are there different teachers (which are great by the way), but the schedule and routine of the classroom are totally different. Abby is still taking two naps (on most days) at home with me. However, in this classroom, there is one scheduled nap time, on a cot. Two changes in one. Lunch time is a bit earlier and they sit in real chairs at a table, no high chair anymore. All of these are small changes but are enough to make a toddler unsure of what's going on and make a mom a nervous wreck! It was really hard to leave her in the mornings, clinging to me with tears running down her face. I knew I had to... and I knew she would adjust and get used to it all.

Abby's teachers have done a great job working with her and making her feel comfortable in this new arrangement. Today was our best day yet. I dropped her off a bit earlier than usual and Abby started off in the infant room. She seemed like quite the helper, moving around the room, checking on all the babies ... even trying to feed one her bottle. Then as the day moved on, they slowly moved her back into the toddler room. She ate well, napped okay, and played happily. I think it's working ... things are getting back to normal, Abby feels happy there, and all the teachers are working together to make this transition the best for everyone! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Packin' it up ...

The packing of many boxes began today and we are gradually taking apart what we have called home for the past six years. I have to admit, it's a bit harder than I expected. Yes, I'm ready to move. Yes, I can't wait to start the next chapter of our life in a new house. Yes, I love ... love ... LOVE our new house. But this little house holds a lot of memories and that's the part that makes it difficult to pack up our cozy home.

Abby thought she would skip her afternoon nap today to help us pack a few boxes. (How thoughtful, right?!) At first, she wasn't so sure about going inside the box, but after being tempted with a ball she was good to go! Then she realized she could use the box as a drum and had a bit more fun with that. Needless to say, we packed more tonight after Little Miss went to sleep.

Tomorrow more boxes will be packed and I'll be stopping over the new house to take a few photos for the blog. Stay tuned ... and please stay patient. I'll be back to regular blogging as soon as this craziness fades! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Bedtime is coming early for me tonight, so I can kick this cold/allergy/sinus bug before it takes over my body. Plus tomorrow night is the Sugarland concert, which I've been excited about for months now. Can't wait to sing out loud, drink some cold ones, and enjoy a night out with the ladies!

On this Thankful Thursday, I'm thankful for ... and I'm keeping it simple (don't I always?) .....

1. The hug and kiss I was able to give to Abby before she went to sleep tonight. I finally mustered up the strength to watch the memorial slideshow for Baby Cohen, and well ... let's just say I didn't hold up too well. Tears took over, sobbing began, and I silently said a prayer for his family and for our sweet Abby. I'm so thankful I have her to hug and kiss each day.

2. The new house is finally coming together. Appliances are getting delivered, landscaping is almost done, carpet and paint are set for next week. If all goes well, we could start the moving process in just two weeks!

More pics to come!

3. The hubs and I have been able to make decisions on the new house without arguing. Its been so nice to just agree on certain things. I was honestly thinking it would be a bit crazier than it has been. Having the same taste on furniture, appliances, and paint colors definitely help!

4. Neighbors who care and are there to help. Today didn't start off too well ... we were late getting out the door this morning, then I locked my keys in my car at Abby's daycare. Thanks to Joe - he went to our house, grabbed my spare keys, and brought them to me.

5. Modern Family. You all know the show. It's hilarious and I'm so ashamed to say I just watched for the first time last night. Can't wait for Wednesdays!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Sunday Football

Ahhh, Sundays ...
A day to relax, wear our comfy jerseys, and watch some football!
We need to start fitting church in there.....

Daddy's a Giants fan, so naturally Abby cheers on the G-Men!

Mommy & Abby sport matching Eli jerseys.

Lunch at a local restaurant/bar for some wings, greasy food, and beer sweet tea!

It didn't take long for Abby to learn this... thanks to Daddy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Beachin' It ...

Since we've been home, the weather here in the sunshine state has been absolutely beautiful. It's still warm and in the 80's, but with low humidity and a delightful breeze. Florida's Fall is on the way and I'm so looking forward to it! On Saturday night, Jim and I decided to take Miss Abby to the beach since the evenings are way too nice to stay inside. We left the kitchen a mess and headed to Siesta Key to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! (Can you tell I love where we live?!) Even though Siesta is a mere 10 minute drive from our house, this was Abby's first trip to the beach. Well.. besides the time she was four months old and my brother-in-law's wife and I decided to attempt a photo shoot. Yeah, let's just say that was a complete failure but we shared many laughs that day! Remember that Melinda? Anyways ...

It was time to kick off our shoes and relax
& have playtime with Abby at the beach.

She loved the sand, the way it felt, and the way it tasted.

She loved the wind, the seagulls, but was unsure of the water.

She may not like the water, but Mommy loves those chubby feet and toes!

Abby is a beach baby!

I didn't have my good camera out because hubs was worried about sand, so pardon the good ol' point and shoot. And too bad this weeks lesson for my photography class is "light." I could have used some of those tips and techniques! Next time :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday - WHAT?! It's FRIDAY!?!?

I totally realize that I've been such a slacker in the blogging world lately. We have been so busy unpacking, picking out paint colors for the new house, grocery shopping, laundry, my photography class ... and entertaining Little Miss in between. I promise I'll get back to taking more photos and will post some at the beginning of the week!

Some things I'm thankful for this Thursday ... uhh, Friday.

1. Spending time together as a family. It's the little things that are often missed during the time that we are apart. Little things like playing outside, taking Abby to the park, having breakfast together ... oh, how I've missed being a family.

2. Abby's daycare. She started back on Tuesday, going two days a week. As much as I love being home with her, it allows me to get certain things done ... like my hair. Oh my hair is so thankful to be healthy again!!! (more to come on her new classroom later)

3. A dear friend of mine and her husband have had some pregnancy complications. I have been praying hard for them this past month and it was such a blessing to hear the news that she is seven weeks pregnant! The couple is still a bit apprehensive about it as they've experienced loss before. Please keep them in your prayers ... stay healthy baby!

4. Being home means getting back to eating healthy. Veggies, more protein, fruits. A few cookies in between. Perfect!

5. Abby's top teeth are coming through. It has taken forever for those suckers to make their way through the gum. She's been cranky, poor thing ... but the front two are through and the two on the sides are almost there! I'm hoping she is more comfortable now ... I can't imagine that feels too good!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Miss You Gramma!

"There's no place like home ...
except Gramma's."

~ Anonymous

Monday, October 4, 2010

There is NOTHING like it!

During the long months of the baseball season, it's such a blessing to be near my family. Especially now more than ever it makes a huge difference. Not only am I surrounded by help with Abby, but everyone gets to see Abby more than usual. My family was there for many firsts this summer. First steps, some sign language, a few new words and sounds. They were able to see her personality evolve and watch the transformation into a toddler. It's such a special time for us to be together and it's always hard when it's time to say our goodbyes.

However, there is nothing like coming home after being away for so long. Nothing like enjoying a hot bath in your bathtub and sleeping in your own bed. Nothing like catching up with best friends that have been missed so much. There's just something "right" about us living here in Florida, even though we are away from our families and missing them so much.

Needless to say, I've been busy unpacking, grocery shopping, and visiting with friends. Jim gets home tomorrow and we can officially begin our offseason together. Let the moving process begin!! Hopefully sooner than later .... I promise to add some new photos this week. Before I hit the sheets, I've got some work to do for this photography class. :)