Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Festival + First Pony Ride

The weather up North doesn't really feel like Fall just yet, but the Fall Festivals are in full swing! On Saturday, Gramma, Aunt Jenny, and I took Abby to Knightongale Farm for some fun on the farm. I absolutely LOVE this time of the year... there is just something about Fall that brings me so much excitement. Pumpkins, hayrides, cooler weather, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love it all.

Welcome to Knightongale Farm.
83 acres... now that's what I call some land!!

Thanks to the DJ, Abby was in her own little world.
She is a dancing machine!

Since Abby wanted nothing to do with the pony,
Mommy had to show her how it's done.

I can't remember ever riding a pony,
although my Mama reassures me I have before.
I was a nervous wreck ... over a small pony!

Who is more annoyed with this pony ride?!
Cowboy, pretty pony, unsure child, or nervous Mommy?

Just for fun ... and a few laughs.


Carol said...

Ohhhh, Cowboy! I vote Cowboy! He looks annoyed that he is getting his picture taken.

This is what mommas do, they do anything for the sake of their children, like riding a pony, eating soggy fish crackers, and enjoying slobbery kisses. Good job Momma!

LeeAnn said...

I love fall festivals! Too bad we don't get "fall" here. We'll just all have to go in sleeveless shirts. LOL