Monday, September 20, 2010

Down at the County Fair ...

Good morning Monday, where's my coffee? I really need to start drinking coffee but that would require me to find coffee that I actually like. Until that day comes, I'll indulge in my midday sweet tea and complain about my too tight jeans later. Anyways, this weekend was a complete whirlwind ... the county fair, my baby-free night, a picnic with family, boat rides, and a baseball game. Phew! Now where is that sweet tea?!

On Thursday, Jim had an off day so we decided to take Abby to the county fair. We were excited about the petting zoo and thought we'd put Abby on a few rides. For those of you that may not frequent fairs often, here are some pointers. Number one - Do not go on Senior and Disabled Day. Abby could have had a stroller race with all of the wheelchairs! I think it's great that they have a day like this, I just wish there had been more families and children. Bummer. Number two - Wait until the weekend to go, not a weekday. No one was working the petting zoo, so we attempted to pet the animals through a small fence. Bummer. Number three - Go at night. Apparently the rides are only open at night. Again ... bummer. Needless to say, the fair was a bust... but not completely. Abby didn't know to expect anything different and she did enjoy looking at all the animals.

Daddy shows Abby the rabbits ... Mommy attempts to get the llamas attention so we could pet him through the fence.

Sheep ... Donkey ...

Abby playing near the baby cows.

1. The pouty face Abby makes when she sees the rooster.
2. The "I'm not so sure" face when Abby hears the rooster crow.
3. Full out cry. Not a fan of the noise AT ALL!
I'll post more about our jam-packed weekend throughout the week. Go grab yourself some coffee (or sweet tea) and Happy Monday!


Carol said...

Cute pictures. I just can't get used to her being on two legs!?!

Anonymous said...

Oh those faces in the rooster pictures!!!! It looks like you had a fun time despite all of the obstacles!

Sue said...

Even though the day didn't turn out as you'd hoped, it sure looks like you had some good quality family time. The pictures are so sweet.