Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baltimore, here we come!

It's hard to believe that baseball season is officially going to start next week. That means it's time to start the countdown of many things. Only a few more nights in our comfy bed that I love so much, only a few more showers to take in our bathroom, and most importantly only a few more days to hang out with people we care so much about. On Saturday, it's time to leave our home in Florida and head to Baltimore, where we will enjoy city life for a change. Ahhh, the life of baseball ... and here's to another GREAT season! :)

Gramma and Grandad were just here for a quick visit so they could help us prepare for this journey. They were able to take some things back with them since they drove, which will save us time and money to transport everything ourselves! We are so blessed to have family where we spend the baseball season. That is definitely the best part about being away from our home!

Strike a pose!
Abby showing off her "Rufflebutts" from Aunt Jenny

So sweet...

Abby has so much fun with Gramma and Grandad.

This picture just makes my heart happy.
I love the way they are both looking the same direction and how
Abby has her hand resting on Grandad's.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is 7 months too young to drive?

Abby just loves Grandad's tractors.
Take a look ...

"What is this thing?"

"and where is the clutch?"

"Found it!"

"Hold on! Here I go!!!"

"This IS fun!"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Seven Months, Abby Grace! :)

In the midst of a long and hard week, Abigail Grace turned 7 months old today!

As some of you know, my family has been hit hard these past few weeks. Just last week, my Uncle Stan passed away leaving me full of different emotions. It was hard not only because I was unable to say goodbye but because this was the first of my parents siblings to pass away. It made me realize just how precious time is and that any day could be your last. Then earlier this week, my MomMom (my Mom's Mother) was hospitalized and passed away today. I am so thankful that even though I couldn't be there to see her these last few days, I was able to say my goodbye to her yesterday on the phone. I will always remember that last conversation and keep it close to my heart. Life is just so precious.

Abby proves to me every day just how precious life really is. That smile, that coo, that laugh, the way she raises her hand to touch my face, the way she follows me with those big, bright eyes from room to room. I could go on for days. This little girl is simply amazing and melts my heart.

At seven months, Abby is sitting on her own, rolling over, swatting at things, and of course full of smiles and belly laughs. For a few weeks now, Abby has been working on waving hello and goodbye. She would try to imitate a wave, but only get as far as raising her arm and then just stopping in midair. For the first time today... at exactly seven months old... Abby waved to Uncle Donnie! It was indeed a real wave... with fingers and all! :) So cute!

Abby tries to wave to the camera....

Abby is still doing well with eating cereal (now eating not only rice cereal but oatmeal too) and loving her veggies! So far, no fruit (unless you count the lemons she sucks on at restaurants)... but we'll start adding some into her diet over the next few weeks. This girl definitely eats like her Daddy! She has recently started drinking water too... just a little here and there, but she seems to enjoy it.

Abby eating lemon... thanks to Daddy!

And yes, she loves it and wants MORE!

Abby's favorite toy these days is Max. Who needs toys when you have a dog?! She will watch him wherever he goes and smile as soon as he enters a room. She even recognizes his name and when she hears his nails on the floor, she yanks her head around to see him. It's so funny. Max better watch out ... once Abby can get to him, there will be no holding back!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers these past few weeks. They have helped me get through each day... and today is a good day! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Christmas in March?!

Here we are almost into April and finally Miss Abby is showing interest in toys from Christmas! Being that Abby was only 4 months old at Christmas, she received a lot of gifts for 6 months and up. This worked out perfectly for us! Now that Abby is more aware and interested in EVERYTHING, these toys are perfect for this age.

Look at those eyes!
Abby loves her shape blocks/sorting box from Gramma and Grandad.

But then she spotted that Elmo book again.....

and wanted him instead! :) She just LOVES Elmo!!!!

What is that face Miss Abby?!

Now that the warmer days are here, it's definitely feeling more like Spring! Goodbye long, cold Florida winter... yes, I'm spoiled and this winter was TOO cold. Hello sunshine and longer days! :) To take full advantage of a beautiful day, Abby and I met up with my friend Michelle and her son Jonah. I love playdates with Jonah so us moms can catch up and the babies can be amazed with each other!

Look at these cuties!!! Born only a week apart.

Is Jonah going in for a hug? How sweet!

Jonah also loved Abby's hair. He wanted to touch and play with it... must have been the way those locks were blowing in the wind!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet Abby's newest friend... Elmo

Before you look at the photos in this post, here is a little background to go along with them. For Abby's half birthday, I bought her the book, "So Big!" with the starring character, none other than the fuzzy red muppet himself... Elmo! Abby loves her books, but right from the start with this book, she was all smiles and laughs. It's become a nightly ritual (morning/afternoon now too) that Abby and I read this book. Reading this book day after day, Abby knows and recognizes what is coming at the end of the book. I truly think she anticipates it from the very first page! As I turn each page, she just gets more excited and swats at the book with her hands. Finally, we get to the last page to find the pop-up Elmo that makes her smile so big!
Since Abby favored this book rather quickly, Jim said we should get her an Elmo stuffed animal... which we did that day! Might have been a coincidence, but when I held up three stuffed animals and asked Abby where Elmo was, she grabbed for the right one! So of course Elmo came home with us and she loves playtime with Elmo after we read the story. Ok, take a look at those adorable pictures now!

"Hey, I remember this book!"

"That's my new friend, Elmo!"

"Wait, you want me to smile and pose for the camera?! That's easy!"

"Elmo's SO BIG!"

"I can get you now Elmo!"

"Told ya!"
(Abby did this herself.... she kind of rolled to the side, then did a face plant... it was rather smooth actually.)

"Take that!"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Take me out to the ball game....

Phew, it has been one busy week!! I'm finally getting the chance to sit down and blog about Little Miss Abby. On Sunday, Abby and I met up with Kirsten and Candice at the O's game. It was great to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, watch some baseball, and just catch up. It's good to know that even though we don't see each other as often anymore, we can still pick up right where we left off. The sign of true friends! :)

The ladies at the O's game...

I was so happy that Kirsten captured this moment.
Abby slept on Mommy like a champ, until the beer man woke her up. Cheers!

Let's go Orioles!

In other news, Abby has been fighting a cold the past week. It started with the nasty cough that kept her awake at night. Then the congestion began and lastly the diarrhea. For the record, feeding Abby peas during this time was NOT a good idea. Those were some fun diapers!! Thankfully, she remained a happy baby (for the most part) and is feeling better now. Since Abby was sick, we spent a lot of our playtime at the park, instead of spreading our germs indoors. Abby loves swinging with her friends, Chloe and Sawyer!

Abby has finally mastered rolling over from back to tummy. Jim and I were playing with her the other night before bath time and all of a sudden she just did it. We started clapping and cheering, maybe getting overexcited just a bit, and scared Abby almost to tears!! Now it only takes a minute and she will roll over and be in a different direction than where she started. It's so cute, but with this brings a great challenge. The diaper changing. Not so fun and easy anymore. I never would have thought that changing a diaper could be as challenging as solving a math equation. She rolls this way and that way, kicks, squirms, making a diaper change oh so fun! Thanks to Carol for warning me ahead of time .. I just didn't realize how hard a diaper change could really be! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

This and That Thursday :)

Spring is here, but it still doesn't feel like it! We were spoiled with a few warm days last week, but it's back to the same cold weather we've had too much of already! I'm ready for the warmer weather to return so Abby and I can spend more of our time outside. I miss playtime on our lanai, walks around the neighborhood, and of course daily trips to the park.
Spring Training has been underway for about 2 weeks now and I still can't believe baseball is really here. Where did the offseason go? I took Abby to her first Spring Training game yesterday, even though it was on the chilly side. We stayed until the fourth inning and then headed back home so Abby could take a nap. This is just ONE advantage of having Spring Training here at home....
Abby is still trying to master rolling over and is so close!! She is sitting on her own, but still topples over from time to time. When you wave to Abby, she tries so hard to imitate it. She lifts her arm and swats at the air. It's so cute! These days, Abby is eating a lot, drooling everywhere, and putting anything in sight in her mouth. Still no teeth, but for such a happy baby we have been having a few cranky days here and there. Tooth on the way? We'll see!

Crazy bathtime hair...

There is no denying.....

... that we have one VERY happy baby!!

Going after her feet any chance she can!

Daddy tickles her toes ....

Abby loves her toy from Nana and PopPop!

Abby has officially lost the "newborn look." :(
But, what a cutie! :)