Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Abby's 6 month Stats

Abby had her 6 month well visit with Dr. Meyer this morning. Abby smiled from ear to ear as soon as he stepped into the room. There is something about him that she just LOVES! Maybe it's his soft whispering voice, fun goatee to play with, or just how calm he is. I'm glad she enjoys visiting the doctor... it's the nurse she could do without! Those shots.... get me ... every... time.
Dr. Meyer said Abby was doing great and that she was "perfect Mom." I'm sure he tells this to a lot of patients and their moms, but it was great to hear. It made me feel like I'm doing something right, especially after a challenging week. Abby weighs in at 16 pounds, 2 ounces, in the 50th percentile. She is 26 inches tall, in the 60th percentile and her head circumference is 17 inches. This puts her in the 75th percentile. I didn't realize she had a big head?!?!
Very patient with all my questions, Dr. Meyer answered each one in his laid back fashion, making me feel comfortable with the newness of being a Mommy.
In other news ... Since moving here to the "Sunshine State" five years ago, this has been the COLDEST winter yet! So the past few days have been extra special considering another cold front is on the way. On Sunday, Abby and I enjoyed the sunshine and spent some time at the park. Here are some pictures from Mommy's photo shoot. I love playing around with my new camera! :)
Just swinging the day away ...

Love this picture... the coloring is perfect!

Abby looking at the sand as she moves back and forth ...

So sweet ... look at those cheeks! :)

Another profile shot, playing around with fading the background.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My First Blogging Award :)

I received an unexpected but very appreciated blog award yesterday from my friend Susan over at Learning for Lifetime. Susan is the person who welcomed me into the world of blogging. If it wasn't for her, I would not have had the pregnancy blog, nor would I have Abby's blog now. Thank you Susan for helping me record all these special memories for me, my family and friends to remember for many years to come!

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world.

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

*Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
*Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers. (or like me, as close to 12 as you can)
*Link the nominees within your post.
*Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blog.
*Share the love and link to the person whom you received this award from.

With all that said, here are my nominees to the bloggers that keep me reading day after day. These blogs make me smile, laugh, and cry ... but one things for sure... I keep going back for more!

1. Carol of The Piersolls - Family of Four. Carol is my best friend, a person that I would have never gotten the chance to know if I didn't move to Florida. I enjoy sharing my motherhood journey with her, as she has two wonderful children of her own. Often times, it's hard for me to be away from family, but it's a lot easier with a friend that is just as close as the family you are missing. Abby and Chloe (Carol's youngest) are only five months apart and are BFF's. Carol's blog shares the joys and challenges of raising two little girls, ages 4 and (almost) 1!! Enjoy!

2. Michelle over at It's All About Jonah! Michelle and I met when I started teaching at Gocio. We taught together for four years and over this time became quite close. We were at such similar times in our lives, which brought us together right away. At the time, we were both with boyfriends and waiting to be engaged. Sure enough, we both got engaged, then got married, and even had our babies a week apart! It's been such fun sharing stories and seeing what our babies are up to each week. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention... Abby just loves Michelle's son Jonah! :)

3. Cara of The McGregor Clan. I met Cara through baseball. Her husband Scott was Jim's pitching coach for a few years and continues to be a major influence on Jim's baseball career. Cara was a lifesaver for me the day of our wedding. Scott married us and Cara made sure EVERYTHING was in line and ready to go. She is the type of woman that can keep you calm and make you laugh. I love reading Cara's blog because she blogs about family.... especially her grandchildren. It's almost like I know the whole family just by keeping up with the blog. I love it Cara!

4. Blair of Heir to Blair. I follow this blog, even though I don't know Blair in person. I came across this blog on a Mommy message board that we both belong to. Her blog about pregnancy and motherhood is very real and enlightening. I enjoy reading it... there are so many times when I think to myself... "I've been there" or "I've felt that way." I can really connect to her story, about the ups and downs of being a new Mommy. Might I add, she has a great sense of humor!

So there you have it... the 4 recipients of the Sunshine Award. If you have a minute, take a look at their blogs. Hopefully you enjoy them as much I do! :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Abby Grace!

Wow, I can hardly believe that Abby celebrated her half birthday yesterday. Six months, already?! I can't help to think that if the first six months flew by this quickly, the next six months will probably pass even quicker. Slow down Abby... what's the rush?!

Abby is quite the "talker" these days. She is such a vocal baby with her coos and her newly found fake coughs. I love listening to her talk to her toys as she plays. It's so sweet! We are still waiting for her to roll over from back to tummy ... she tries so hard and wants to do it so badly. Abby is doing a great job sitting on her own, without support. Each day gets better and better! Her newest trick is pushing up with her feet while laying on her back. She thinks it is so funny to scoot around like this!

I do believe we will have a good eater on our hands.... as if we couldn't guess this from how her Daddy eats. :) Abby has added squash to her veggie list and seems to like it. (She's only had it a few times) So far, she has tried carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, and squash. Sweet potatoes are by far her veggie of choice! YUMMY!!

I'm still waiting on that first tooth to appear ... she has been drooling like crazy lately and been a bit cranky, which really isn't in her character. How much longer till that little bugger appears?!

Thankfully, we are all starting to get more sleep these days. About two weeks ago, Jim and I decided we had to something about the diaper change at 2am and the feeding at 5am. This had been a pattern going on for about 3 months. I realized Abby didn't really NEED me at 2am every morning, but WANTED to see me. There she would be, all cozy in her crib, with a HUGE smile to greet me!! After about two nights of letting her cry, and it wasn't long at all... she was done waking up at that time. Then we stopped the dreaded 5am feeding and things started to get so much better. Abby now goes to sleep between 6:30 and 7 each night and is up between 6:30 and 7:30 each morning. I still go in her room to fix her blanket or give her a binkie every now and then, but that's IT! No more diapers, no more bottles... more sleep! :)

Next week we have an appointment with Dr. Meyer for Abby's six month well visit. I'm excited to get Abby's stats ... weight, height, percentiles, etc... I did weigh Abby at home and she is 17 pounds according to my scale. We'll see!!

Playing... and in deep thought!

A new toy for Abby's half birthday :)

Yummy cereal and yogurt ....
Look, her hair is growing again! Doesn't it look longer here?

Distracted ..... watching Oprah.

Loving the blocks from Gramma and Grandad ...
eventually she will stack them, right now she eats them!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Abby!

Happy First Valentine's Day Abby! Nana and PopPop sent this adorable Valentine's outfit to wear today.... doesn't she look cute in hearts? Abby also got a special card in the mail from Gramma and Grandad. She is not only loved on this holiday, but every day in between!!! What a sweet baby to LOVE! :) I hope everyone had a special day today, shared with the people you love and hold close to your heart! To show you what Abby's been up to, here are just a few pictures from this weekend!

Playing Peek-a-boo with a new toy ... she was having a blast!

So happy.... to chew on those fingers!

Earlier this week, Abby finally found those toes!

Toes are so much fun.....

Our new trick.... giving Max treats! :)
(She would rather lick the bone though...)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

:) Daycare Fun :)

It's been almost three months since Abby started going to daycare. She goes twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to give Mommy and Daddy some time to themselves. At first, I wasn't so sure about it... being that I'm now a stay at home mom. Here I was staying home to BE with Abby, but wanting some ME time. Didn't make much sense at the time, but now I love it! I have time to volunteer at school, clean, prepare dinner, shop, read, and most importantly just relax and take showers longer than 3 minutes. It has also given Jim and I some extra time to spend together.
I am very happy with Abby's daycare. Her teachers are great... young, motivated, and very creative! They do things in her classroom that I would never expect young babies to be able to do. Last week they had "noodle play," where they played with cooked spaghetti noodles. No sauce, just noodles. They took pictures of the babies playing with their noodles and it looked like a fun time! Down to the diapers... feeling new textures and just having fun!
Today I came home with Abby's first piece of artwork. That's right... at 6 months old (well almost) she painted a heart for her Mommy and Daddy for Valentine's Day!
I don't know how Ms. Katie and Ms. Andrea do it each day. They seem to really enjoy what they do and Abby just loves them! I'm glad we chose to send Abby... it not only helps us, but Abby is always happy to be there! :)

Doesn't it look beautiful?! Future artist?

Abby's footprints on our heart....

Playing at the park... Ms. Katie loves doing her hair at daycare :)

Just swingin'....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday's Mix-n-Match

We are having so much fun with little Abby! She has become quite the busy body and loves to take everything in. She doesn't miss a thing! So what's keeping little miss so busy? Abby is still working on sitting up on her own and rolling over from back to tummy. She is so close to doing both ... maybe just another week or so! Abby has started to eat sweet potatoes and so far they seem to be her favorite veggie. For the past two nights, she has slept through the dreaded 5am feeding and I'm going to pray for that to happen again tonight!!

Here are some random pictures to show you what Abby's been up to... enjoy Monday's Mix-n-Match! :)

Smiles, especially ones like these are contagious!

Abby is so interested in Max these days....

... and she will watch him wherever he goes!!!

Daddy's new trick... Abby LOVED it, but Mommy was a bit nervous!

Soooo Big!!

Time to play!

This picture just makes me laugh. Look at that drool bubble! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brrrr, sending some snow to Sarasota!

Abby got her first e-mail from Gramma and Grandad today. It was so cute, I thought I'd share! :)

Hi Abby,
Sure do miss you a lot! Don't worry about eating your peas. One day we will show you how to make them disappear from your plate without even eating them but your Mommy & Daddy will think you did!
We made you a little present and want to save it until you come see us but we just can't wait! Take a look at these pictures and you will see why!
We love you and can't wait to see you again! Take good care of your Mommy & Daddy & Max for us okay?
Love & Hugs & Kisses,
Gramma & Grandad

Gramma & Grandad sure know how to build a snowman!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To pea or not to pea?

Today Abby tried her second veggie. She loves those carrots, but peas.... well, I think the pictures say it all! They tell a much better story than I ever could. :)

"Hmm ... what's that I see? This time it's green!"

"I guess peas are okay... but they are nothing
like those yummy carrots!"

"Nah, I'm not really liking the green stuff."

"Okay, gag me now.... this is just gross!!"
(Abby even had the gagging sound effects)

"Enough already.. I'm spitting this out...
where are those carrots? Come on Mommy ... Daddy? NO MORE!"

Needless to say, Abby wasn't thrilled with her peas. We will give it another try tomorrow! So far, she is enjoying her cereal, carrots, and even baby yogurt now. Yummy :)