Monday, November 29, 2010

Blessings Counted and Thanks Given ...

Abby's 2nd Thanksgiving
November 25, 2010

We had a lot of firsts this Thanksgiving, even though it was Abby's 2nd Thanksgiving. This was our first Thanksgiving at our new home. Our first Thanksgiving without family, although we are very thankful for our friends who were able to share such a special day with us. You know the kind... the kind of friends that can make you feel like you are with family, even though they are miles away, scattered all over the country. It was also our first time to grill the turkey ... okay, I guess I should say it was the hubs first time to grill the turkey ... and he did a fantastic job!! With all these "firsts," we were able to pull off a wonderful meal and enjoy the day with some great friends!

It may have been Abby's 2nd Thanksgiving, but this was the first time she could indulge in the feast. And did she ever. She was just like one of the men! Abby ate turkey, mashed potatoes, homemade macaroni, and a piece of a roll. She wasn't too sure about the stuffing but loved the cranberries and of course pumpkin pie! There is no denying we have an eater on our hands ... and for this I am thankful. Abby eats just about anything, just like her Daddy. A healthy, happy eater equals a healthy, happy baby!

I had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, although I'm thankful for these things everyday. Family, friends, God, faith, health. Most importantly, I am thankful to have been blessed with this life. This life that makes me who I am ... a devoted wife and mother, who has faith in the Lord.

Abby & Max - Best friends.
(The only family picture of the day ...
how does that work out?!)

My sweet girl.

Managed to get a pic of the turkey.
Still no family picture. Ugh!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving ... spending time with family and friends, and taking time to count your blessings. The countdown to Christmas is officially on my friends! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Makes me Giggle

There's just something about a diaper wedgie
that makes me giggle. every. time.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cooler weather, where are you?

A few weeks back, Florida had its first "cold spell" after many long months of high temperatures and high humidity. I'm not sure why, but with this cooler weather brings such excitement. Maybe it's because we can wear jeans without feeling our legs sweat underneath. Maybe it's because of sweatshirts, sweaters, and scarves that remind us a little bit of a true winter. Maybe because we are able to feel like the holidays are right around the corner. Maybe because it actually feels like football season is here. Whatever it is, I love it. It's just enough to make playtime outside a bit more enjoyable.

Apparently Abby enjoyed the cooler weather too ....

And no, it was not that cold outside.
But Abby liked the hat anyway.

I only wish I could say the "cold spell" is still here. Today's high - 84.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Abby Grace - 15 months

In the midst of a busy week, Abigail Grace turned 15 months old last Thursday. With each passing month I find myself saying the same thing over and over again. "How did she grow up so fast?" This little girl is full of personality, spunk, and even a little drama. She definitely knows what she wants and will make sure you are well aware of what that is exactly. Abby has 6 (maybe 7) teeth now, weighs 24 pounds, and has the most perfect round belly, which if you ask ... "Abby, where's your belly?" she will tickle her belly and make herself laugh.

Abby is still in love with anything music. Baby Einstein kids songs, CMT, drums, commercials, live music at church ... if it has music, she loves it. And with music, there is dance. And we all know, Abby loves to dance. She kept the crowd quite entertained at church yesterday, showing off her latest moves. I've also started taking Abby to a "Fun to be Fit" class. The teacher sings catchy tunes and she shows dance moves to go along with each song. The children dance, sing, play musical instruments, and walk in a parade. Of course, Abby fit right in and acted like she was an old pro at this class. It's a perfect fit and looks like we'll be doing it every week!

At this age, Abby is understanding so much more. If she is asked a question, she will usually shake her head "no" or"yes." Nine times out of ten, it's a "no." Go figure. Abby is starting to follow commands such as "get your shoes" or "find your baby." She knows what sounds ducks, cows, and bees make. She just started going "Buzzzzz" for bee. It's the cutest thing ever! Besides the way she imitates smelling flowers. That's even cuter :)

We have finally made progress with the sippy cup and Abby drinks her milk out of the cup during the day. She still has a bottle in the morning and at night, but we're getting somewhere! In the past few weeks, our little "monkey" has been obsessed with bananas. Seriously... it's a bit out of control. We're talking two bananas a day. She had three one day last week. Told ya it was serious. I figure there could be worse things to snack on, right?! And its not causing any back up if you know what I mean, so I'll let my little monkey go crazy for bananas. It makes her happy.
After realizing my last few posts have been more about the hubs and me, I finally took some snapshots of Abby today. She is changing so much, so quick. Look for more fun photos to come this week!

She runs circles around me all day long. Literally.

So many expressions -
and full of personality!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Quick 5

This Thursday, I'm thankful for ...

1. Time spent holding a sweet little baby. Our friends Joe and Sam welcomed sweet Isla into the world (almost) two weeks ago. She is absolutely perfect and such a joy to hold. I could hold her all. day. long. Such a sweetie!

2. Books. Before Abby was born, I was an avid reader. There's just something about putting all of your thoughts in the back of your mind and letting yourself go inside a good book. I love it. Since our lives have gotten busier, I've put reading on hold. However, on the flight back from Houston, I bought a book. A really good book. I've made a promise to myself to read a bit each night before bed. I could do it before, why can't I do it now?!

3. Abby's giggle. It is so contagious and puts a smile on my face every time.

4. Max. Poor Max doesn't get attention like he used to, but that dog still curls up with me on the sofa to cuddle. This afternoon I took some extra time to give him some special attention. He's such a good dog. I need to remember that more often and show him that.

5. Talking to my Mama every day. I think I'd be lost if I didn't. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our little getaway :)

I am happy to announce that our first weekend getaway was a huge success! I will admit that leaving Abby behind was not easy, in fact, I shed a few tears the moment we pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street. I knew I was leaving her with a loving family that would take the best care of her while we were gone. I knew she was going to be happy and have so much fun. So that wasn't my problem. AT ALL. It was hard for me to grasp that I wouldn't be able to hug her whenever I wanted or to be there to kiss her goodnight. I wouldn't be able to whisper "I love you" in her ear before laying her in her crib. But ... I knew that she would get hugs and kisses and "I love yous" all weekend long and that alone reassured me that everything would be okay. And you know what y'all, it was a perfect weekend.

Our first night in Houston was the "Welcome Party," thrown at the grooms favorite restaurant/bar. We were excited to see friends from baseball, meet new people, and celebrate the happy couple that would soon be wed. We enjoyed music, Mexican food, and a few several margaritas.

The hubs and I headed to "Cadillac Bar"

Afterwards, we continued the party in the hotel bar.
Shots, shots, more shots?

The next day came early since we had been up way past our usual bedtime. It was a bit chilly, but a beautiful day for a wedding. The ladies and I splurged on getting our hair styled and make up done. It's so fun to do things out of the ordinary, especially when you are getting all dressed up!

Matt & Tara

Ladies all dressed up ... and Jim & Matt.

Love this photo.
Look at how coordinated we are, matching dress and tie :)

The wedding was perfect. Everything from the weather, the music, the flowers, the colors, the company, and of course the beautiful bride. I am so glad we were able to share such a special weekend with two great friends. Jim and I are truly blessed to have met so many wonderful people throughout baseball. We wish Matt & Tara best wishes for the many years to come! :)

Everything about this weekend would not have happened if it wasn't for our dear friends that cared for Abby. Sue kept us updated with photos and videos the whole time, which was great! Jim and I got so excited to check our phones and see what our little girl was up to. Thanks to you (Sue, Mike, and Nick) for lovin' on our little Abby all weekend!!

I loved this photo ...
sure looks like Nick was excited to have a little "sister" around.

Friday, November 12, 2010

We're Texas bound y'all!!

I'll be back soon.

The weekend is finally here. The one where the hubs and I are heading to the Lone Star State, sans baby. That's right.... just the two of us. We're off to celebrate the marriage of two wonderful people that are meant to be together. Forever. I'm excited and happy to have the chance to share such a special day with them and it will be great to catch up with so many friends. There are some good times to be had this weekend!!!

Abby is staying with close family friends, close enough that we call them our "Florida Family." She will be loved on, cared for, and be completely spoiled (as if she's not already) by the time we get back. I am so thankful they live nearby and are able to enjoy the time with Abby this weekend. I will be able to have fun and enjoy the time with my husband and KNOW that Abby is in such great hands. But... I'm gonna miss her. like. crazy. So do me one favor. Pray for me... please.

Be back Sunday and I'll update with pictures early in the week! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Abby's Stompin'

Stroll down memory lane ...

It was three years ago yesterday that I married my best friend. The man who knows how to make me smile and laugh at just the right times. He's also the man that drives me crazy and makes me wonder why men just "don't get it."

Since Abby was at daycare yesterday, Jim and I decided it would be a good time for us to have our anniversary lunch. Instead of getting a sitter, we would just do it during the day. No big deal. It was a nice lunch. We ended up at a seafood joint, so he got grouper (a favorite) and I got a burger ( I don't do seafood). It wasn't exactly the ideal lunch to celebrate such a special day. But nonetheless, it was a meal without a baby and we were able to have time to talk, just the two of us.

I had planned on posting some wedding photos on here last night, but ended up with a date night much to my surprise! Night with hubby or blog? Hmmm, tough call. (only kidding honey) I pulled into the driveway after picking Abby up, ready to come in and help start dinner and noticed an unfamiliar car in the driveway. After a minute or so, I realized who it was and before I knew it, Jim came out and said Sue was going to be babysitting Abby. Mad props to the hubs, he pulled off quite the surprise. I had no idea! So out to dinner we went and enjoyed a lovely evening... just the two of us. Thanks Sue for taking such good care of Abby - I'm glad you two had a fun night!

Sometimes life gets so busy and we forget to take time for ourselves. It's important to be with each other and with just each other. I'm so happy to have found the man that will always make me happy. Very happy.

And like my card for him said, "Happy Anniversary to the only one who knows the real me ... and married me anyways!" Thanks for putting up with me. Love you babe!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cooler weather ...

... calls for some playtime at the park! During PopPop's visit to Florida, Jim kept him busy at the new house. They painted doors, changed all hardware, hung pictures on walls ... you name it, they did it. The day before he left, we decided it was time to take a break from it all and have a family day. (I only wish we did this when Nana was here too!) The weather was cooler and it was perfect for some playtime outside. So off to Marina Jacks park we went for some park fun and then we enjoyed lunch together at the restaurant.
Abby loves being outside.

She found the tunnels and loved crawling through them.

Her favorite: the SLIDE!

Playing Peek-a-Boo with Mommy.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Love. It.

I love our newest toy for our new home.
A popcorn maker.

It's simply delightful. Fun. Yummy.
And it will look perfect in the "man cave."

A big THANK YOU to PopPop and Nana for this one! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm looking forward to cuddling up in my bed tonight, under the blankets, and watching the Country music special that I DVR'd last night. That's right my friends... The Johnson's finally have a working DVR!!! It's the greatest. thing. EVER. So tonight my list is short, as I'm always thankful for so many things in my life.

1. The chance to hold and rock my sleepy girl last night, even though it was 1am. Abby's not one to wake in the middle of the night unless something is really bothering her. Poor thing had a runny nose and a little cough. I wish she felt better, but at least I got to snuggle with her a little more than usual.

2. The policer officer who gave me a warning yesterday instead of a $166 ticket. What for, you ask? Is it a sign that I'm too tired when I completely blast through a four way stop? Okay, I didn't really blast through it, I just didn't notice it until it was too late. I was going slow, looking in all different directions for a park, when I noticed the sign. Too late, halfway through the intersection, cop waiting on the other side. I'm so thankful traffic was light and that there were no kids in sight.

3. Our new house. It's starting to feel more like home each time another box gets emptied. (Pics to come soon, I promise!)

4. The rain today. It's bringing cooler weather our way!!!

5. Family time tomorrow. It's time to take a break from unpacking, enjoy family, and relax!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I know I've said it many times before,
but I wish her hands could stay this small. Forever.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Festivities

Just like many of you, our family had quite the busy weekend. The kind of weekend where you don't have a minute to sit down and you just go, go, go. Kind of like the Energizer Bunny, although I only wish I had half his energy! We finally had our big move on Saturday, which I must say, the hubs and his group of buddies did most of the work. I was busy keeping Abby occupied and out of the way, so we started our Halloween festivities early. A local park held a "Halloween Hunt," where the kiddos went crazy searching for candy and toys. Abby enjoyed it, even though she didn't quite understand what was going on. All the running and playing definitely wore her out and she napped for three hours when we got home. SCORE! We were able to do a lot of unpacking during her long snooze! Then the nasty virus swept through our house ... first Abby, then me, then Daddy, and even the grandparents! Ugh.

Abby & Chloe

Doesn't get much cuter than this.

Then Halloween came. I love this holiday ... the costumes, the candy, and of course the trick-or-treating with friends and their little ones. Since we had just moved into the new neighborhood, we thought it would be a great time to "meet and greet" with some of the neighbors. Good choice - we met some nice people... bad choice - we were dressed as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Great first impression ... but hey, at least they know we like to have fun!

Abby as "Pebbles"
These shots were taken a few weeks ago...
Costume made by her Mama.

I don't think this photo requires a caption.
(other than ... laughing starts... now!)

Piersoll Fam
Two witches, a broom, and of course a princess.

Having fun trick-or-treating!

I love my little Pebbles.