Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Baseball Family

When it comes to living in your own home for only five months out of the year ... traveling from one city to the next ... living without your hubby for long road trips ... other baseball wives know just what you're going through and we stick together. I am so thankful for this group of ladies and even more thankful they don't fit the typical baseball wife stereotype. These ladies are quick to offer help whenever you need it, appreciate their husbands work despite how hard this lifestyle can be, and hold on tight to their strong faith in God.

This past Friday night, we hosted a surprise bridal shower for one of the ladies. It's always a fun time when we all get together. (We were missing a few ladies and wish they could have been there!) We watched a little baseball, enjoyed some drinks (Helllllooooo sweet tea vodka!), played some bridal shower games, and shared many laughs. It was just the kind of night I needed! (the rest of the night with my hubs helped too :)

Me & Tara

Five other things I'm thankful for on this Thankful Thursday:

1. My Mom and Dad celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary on Monday. What a special milestone for two very special people! :)

2. Baseball is over in two weeks! We'll be returning home to Sarasota to begin moving into our new home and enjoying time together, as a family.

3. Zac Brown Band. Love the music, love the new CD, and love how his voice can soothe Abby in the car.

4. While I'm on country music, I'm super excited for the Sugarland concert in three weeks. I cannot wait to enjoy a night out with the girls!

5. My husband... for making me feel like we were truly on a date last Friday night. Holding doors, pulling out chairs, holding my hand. I loved that we were able to be with each other as husband and wife, instead of Mommy and Daddy for a night.


Shannon said...

I know you will be so happy to be back home! What a lovely group of women, Liz! Please post pics of the new house! I'm wanting to move/build so badly! My parents just celebrated their 40th anniversary and they are such an inspiration! Have a great one!

Kirsten said...

I am thankful you asked me to go to Sugarland! LOL I can't wait! We are going to have so much FUN! Now get back here already!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Hey girl - I did do some editing to my shot...played around with my levels and added a high pass filter to bring out the details. Hope you have a great weekend!