Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day!

Then there is this ...

Just had to include the "out-takes" .... typical photos with both kids. :)

Happy Memorial Day!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Random phone pics :)

Just a few notes :)

- As you can tell, Levi loves yogurt and loves making the mess that goes with eating it!

- Abby and her friend Sadie have had a blast face timing together... the picture is a little blurry because they were jumping on their beds.... together, yet so far away. :(

- Levi is a bit obsessed with other babies .... it's super cute!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

One of my favorite "firsts"

Early this morning I started writing about how hard it is to be a baseball wife.  How hard it is to be a baseball mommy.  Always multitasking, always on the go, always busy, always exhausted.  But instead of focusing on the challenging parts of mommyhood, I'm choosing to focus on the moments that mean the most ... and the ones that always make me smile and proud to be a Mama.  


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Blowing Kisses

Disclaimer: Please excuse his messy eating habits and long hair.  (This was pre haircut)
And as cute as this is, I'm happy to say he can now blow kisses the real way. :)


Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I love when spontaneity takes over and a lazy afternoon around the house turns into a fun adventure out with friends.  That's what happened to us last Saturday and it was just perfect.  

Let's first back up to last summer.  Living on the harbor and having a beautiful promenade to walk, the kids and I got into the habit of taking evening walks after dinner.  It was a great way to ease into the bedtime routine and we were able to feed ducks, sometimes get ice cream, and often times spot "the pirate ship."  We would stop and watch the pirate ship, witness all the commotion on board the ship, listen to the loud music, and most importantly ... watch the passengers aboard the ship shoot water on the bad pirate circling the big ship in his little powerboat.  It's quite the scene!  I debated taking Abby lsat summer because she showed so much interest, but ultimately was worried the noise aboard the ship would be too loud for her oversensitive little ears.  

Then Saturday came along.  We had a busy morning at Abby's tball game, so a restful afternoon was in store and maybe some dinner with friends in the evening.  While both kids napped, the phone rang, and just like that plans were made to ride the pirate ship that afternoon.  We quickly found a sitter for little man, so us Mamas could have some time with just our big kids.  It was exactly what Abby and I both needed!

Upon boarding the ship, we were outfitted with some pirate vests, sashes, and tattoos.  We were taught some pirate lingo that would be needed for the ride.  The story of "Mad Dog Mike" was told and we set out to sea for our adventure.  

Abby really got into it.  She listened intently to the stories being told, participated in all the dancing, loved the limbo, and enjoyed shooting the bad pirate with water out of the cannons.  I think having the boys with us was a great distraction from the loud sounds and she only plugged her ears a few times.  The kids left the ship happy with treasure, swords, and telescopes.  Abby slept with her sword that night and is currently hiding it from her brother in her closet.  :) 

Thanks to awesome friends for an awesome spontaneous day! We had so much fun! :)


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - My little fireman :)

While we were visiting Gramma & Grandad this past Sunday, Levi was able to sit in a firetruck at the firehouse.  What a nice surprise! :)

He took it all in .... wanted to look and touch everything.  Who knows ... maybe we have a future fireman on our hands?  :)