Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sometimes "Thank You" isn't said enough ...

Abby, Max and I just returned to Baltimore after spending four days at my parents house. I know I've said it before but having family close by is such a blessing. It's really nice to have a change in environment and hang in the country for a bit. Different things to do and different places to see.

It's also great having family around to help out with Abby, who has endless amounts of energy these days. Sometimes it's really hard when the hubs is on the road and I'm left dealing with challenging moments like meltdowns and mini tantrums. It's exhausting and sometimes Mama just needs a break.

So for all those times this past weekend that the fam helped ...

Pushing Abby on the swing. Playing with her on the porch in the heat. Walking her down the street. Taking her to see the Kitty.


Watching her while I showered. Alone. In peace! Watching her while she napped so I could run errands.


Reading to her. Teaching her new things. Making her laugh and smile. Showing her love.


Whatever it was, I want to say THANK YOU for allowing me to have some time to myself, whether it was an hour or five minutes. It's sometimes easy to forget these two important words, but they should be said more often. I THANK YOU and appreciate the help that you are always willing to give. :)


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Carol said...

It definitely takes a village doesn't it? :)