Friday, May 27, 2011

Mama vs. Binky Round One

Round one of the Binky Battle crushes the Mama.

Here's the background.

Ever since Abby was an infant, she's been attached to her binky. She'd use it when she was fussy in the car, a little at home, and at nap or bed time. It seems like the older she gets, the more she wants it. I know it's a comfort and security thing for her and at times I think it's cute, but I'm really worried that the more attached she'll get, the harder it will be on all of us to take it away. So Jim and I decided it was time to start lessening the amount of time she had with the binky. And to be honest, Jim does a much better job with it.

Awhile ago I vowed to refrain from buying any more binkies. We were going through them like rapid fire ... losing them at the grocery store, at the park, and even around the house. So earlier this week we were down to three ... then two ... and then the one and only sacred binky. I couldn't believe it. One left! I was excited and nervous about our next step in the binky battle. I was keeping tabs on that binky like it was the most valuable treasure I owned.

And then it happened ... Target happened. Abby and I went shopping yesterday for a water table, some water toys, and some other odds and ends. And you know what? I caved. I bought a pack of two binkies. Ugh. Round one goes to the binky. The hubs will be so disappointed in me. I had been so strong and adamant about the whole thing and in one second I gave in.

To top it all off, we returned home and were later playing in Abby's playroom. Guess what she pulled out of her purse? Three binkies! That's right friends... now we're back to having five in our possession! These are the last five. Seriously. Hubs and I are in this together and eventually the binkies will be gone. But until then, I'm keeping an eye on those suckers ... a very close eye.



Anonymous said...

My daughter never liked a binky, but I've heard of a Binky Fairy who operates much like the Tooth Fairy. Binkies go under the pillow or in a special bucket as gifts to the fairies and are replaced with money or a small toy. I've also heard people just keep allowing them to be used less and less until their kid doesn't even bother to look for them anymore.


Carol said...

You are in better shape than we are. We probably have 20, and she carries at least 3 with her her pockets, in her carseat, they are everywhere. Just like getting rid of the bottle and diapers, it'll happen eventually :)

Sue said...

I remember having this same battle with Nick, he threw them and I was crazy enough to be crawling under his crib in the middle of the night looking for the 'security binky'...Ugh! what we do for our kids. It's ok Liz, I've never seen anyone walking across the stage to receive their diploma with a binky in their'll happen.