Thursday, May 5, 2011

NO spitting allowed ...

You may remember me rambling on about how busy Abby and I have been over the past week. Last Sunday we spent the morning with the ladies (Aunt Jenny, Aunt Heather, and cousin Emily), visiting the llama barn, perusing the beautiful flowers at Homestead Gardens, and eating out for lunch.

Visiting the llama barn was something out of the ordinary for us to do. I didn't know much about llamas and to be honest when I mentioned this idea to my sisters, they both replied with, "Llamas?! Llamas spit!" And if you know me, of course I had to google llamas the night before we went. I wanted to know why these animals had a tendency to spit. It made me feel better (maybe not my sisters) to know that llamas don't typically spit at you, they spit at other llamas, usually over food.

Llamas are quite interesting looking. I'm not really sure whether they resemble a horse, goat, camel, or maybe they're just a mixture of all of them. As odd as they look, they are equally as cute... well maybe.

The llama barn had twenty six llamas scattered across the fields. Abby just watched in awe, excited from afar but more unsure once they came close. And let me tell you, they came running ... literally ... when we were about to serve them up some treats.

I wish I had more video footage of the llamas running towards us. I focused on the one llama in the video but they were coming at us from all angles. The llamas definitely gave us all a good laugh. Once they came down to the fence, we fed them their treats out of our hands ... everyone but Abby. She wanted to so bad, you could just tell. But when the time came down to it, she thought twice about it. Maybe next time. :)


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Carol said...

She looks so big in these photos! I can't wait to see her in a few days!

PS: llamas are weird, but I like the LLama LLama books :)