Monday, May 16, 2011

No place like home ...

Tonight I'm finally unpacked and feeling settled from our trip back home. Abby and I headed to Sarasota last Wednesday to catch up with some friends and enjoy a few days at our house. It was the perfect time to visit ... the weather wasn't too hot (although I did complain it was hotter than I expected), I was missing my bestie and lunch at Jason's Deli was long overdue, and the O's were in St. Pete playing the Rays.

Despite the fact that it was a whirlwind of a trip, Abby and I did a lot and got a chance to see a lot of our friends. Thursday morning we headed into school to see some of the teachers I used to work with. It's great having so many teacher friends because they are all in the same place! :) Then lunch with the bestie and pool time later that night. Abby was so excited to see Camdyn and Chloe. They had a fun time playing outside, eating pizza, and swapping babies.

On Friday we headed to the park and fountains at the marina. Abby preferred the park, while her buddies preferred the water. Oh well ... next time! Later after nap time, Abby and I met up with Michelle and Jonah for fine dining at Chic-Fil-A. Even though it was a spur of the moment and too quick dinner, the kiddos enjoyed themselves and us ladies got to catch up a bit.

It was really nice having a few nights to spend at our house. I must say it was quiet ... very quiet ... especially with no TV. We always turn the cable off while we are away to save some dollars. Thankfully I had my iPad and was able to catch up on some reading and the quiet time was actually something I needed.

On Saturday Abby and I headed up to St. Pete to stay at the hotel with Jim before we headed back to Baltimore the next day. Abby loved playing in the hotel ... running up and down the halls, flirting with the bell boys, and exploring our room. Huge thanks to Andrea and her family for coming up to babysit Abby that night. I was able to catch up with more friends, actually watch a baseball game (instead of chasing after a toddler), and hang out in the dugout after the game listening to Darius Rucker perform. What a fun concert and I must say I actually wished Abby had been there with me. She would have loved the concert. Families from both teams were on the field and the kids were just running and playing everywhere! Abby would have joined right in and danced the night away. But ... Mama needs a night out every now and then!

I only wish I had taken my camera to capture some of the fun we had. It was so nice being home, enjoying time with friends, and realizing that traveling with an almost two year old is doable. Not that I'll do it often ... but it can be done, especially when such great friends travel along! :)



Carol said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed your trip. I was telling Sunnyside that there was a piece of me that was worried that it wouldn't end up being worth the cost and exhaustion, but I'm so glad that wasn't the case!

We had a great time and maybe we'll see ya again before the fall ;)

Carol said...

PS: Don't kill me for posting the photos.

Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

I was so great to see you and Abby! Hope you come back for another visit soon! :)