Tuesday, May 3, 2011

B-U-S-Y. But who isn't?

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Here I am slacking at the blog thing again and all I can do is give you a few different reasons why. 1. I've been super busy chasing a toddler around and keeping her entertained. 2. I'm staying at my parents this week since the hubs is on a road trip. 3. I forgot my camera cord to upload new photos of Abby. 4. I'm tired. I hope those are good enough excuses for you ... please forgive me!

We've been doing a lot while at my parents house. Visiting the llama barn, feeding the chickens, playing on a new playground, watching a little baseball, enjoying lunches out, and even squeezing in a little shopping. With the help of Anthropologie & Zappos, I've added a few new things to my closet. I cannot help but l-o-v-e everything from Anthropologie. It's my weakness. That and pretzel m&m's. Ugh..

In other news, Jim will return from a week long road trip (Chicago & Kansas City) late Thursday night. Abby and I are super excited and can't wait to have him home. Even if it's only for five days before Abby and I are off to Sarasota next week. We are headed home for a quick trip to visit friends (that we miss way too much), enjoy our pool, sleep in our own beds, take in an O's/Rays game & Darius Rucker concert, and a one night stay at The Vinoy (one of my favorite hotels). So excited!!

Since my number four excuse for not blogging was "I'm tired," I think it's about time I call it a night. I'll return tomorrow with some WW photos! :)


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Carol said...

...I'm off to check the holtel rates! So excited!!!