Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless {ish} Wednesday - Abby's Obsession

Not sure if any of you Mamas out there have heard of
The Laurie Berkner Band,
but my child is completely obsessed.

When I say obsessed ... I mean it.
We listen to the CD in the car, watch the DVD, and
I downloaded the bands music app on the new iPad.

I can't seem to escape Laurie Berkner these days ...
I wake up singing the catchy songs that she sings... every. morning.

It's all worth it when I see Abby light up, smile, and start shaking her stuff.
This child loves Laurie Berkner. She loves music.
And she loves to dance.

Did I mention I already bought concert tickets for a September show?!
What have I gotten myself into ...???!!!



Carol said...

So cute! Just like Cam's obsession with the Doodlebops...she will grow out of might take 3 years, but she will grow out of it! We'll have to introduce Chloe to it tomorrow and see what happens :)

Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

We love Laurie Berkner!!!! Have the DVD and CD too! Jonah loves "we are the dinosaurs, marching, marching...."!!! I found out about them years ago when I was babysitting a family during the summer and was obsessed myself with buying the DVD when Jonah was born...will have to find out about the concert! Too funny! Miss you guys!