Friday, April 30, 2010

Did that really just happen?

I think it's safe to say that at some point in our lives, we all become jealous of someone or something. Naturally there are times when you desire something you don't have. Maybe it's wanting the big house of your dreams, a fancy sports car, a thin supermodel-like body, or something on a much smaller scale ... like the appearance of an online blog. A blog?! Really?!

I know. It's sad. But true. After following more and more blogs on a daily basis, I was starting to realize all the cute add-ons and customizations one could do with a blog. Carol had added the really cute button and fonts, Blair had just redesigned her whole blog, and others had fancy headers for their blogs. So, jealousy took over and I thought... hmm, what can I do to make my blog a bit more fun?!

So I began playing around with the design a bit. I created a new header (much cuter than before) and added a matching button successfully, or at least I think so! Then I followed directions on how to change fonts and this is where it got tricky. Too tricky. I was on the last step, way in over my head at this point, and the next thing I know my blog is gone. Template gone. Cute button and header gone. Posts gone. I FREAKED!

I knew there must be some way to fix it, but I got really worried. I have spent the last eight months blogging about all the ways our sweet little baby came in this world and changed our lives. Uploaded tons of pictures. Received and read wonderful comments on different posts. Then with one click (I guess?!) everything was gone. Once again, I FREAKED.

Thankfully after talking to a few people (thank you to Chris for giving me the hope I needed that all was not lost and thank you to Julie for taking the time out to talk to me), I realized my blog posts were still there. All my customizations were gone, but the most important thing, my writing, was not lost! Thank the Lord! Then later tonight, somehow (must be magic) I was able to completely restore my blog. So it's looking more like the old ... with a few new font colors. I am so very thankful and I learned a BIG lesson today. Jealousy is a waste of time (literally) and I'm appreciative for what I have! :) Now... does anybody know how to back up a blog?!


Julie said...

LOL too funny… but now it's back!!! When you go to Blogger, go to html and it'll give you an option to backup/restore template, and you can download your full template. Your posts are very unlikely to flat out disappear, so don't worry about that!

Carol said...

Crisis resolved! When you called I thought something was majorly wrong. I am so glad it's all resolved and that you had the right people at your fingertips to help you out. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Oh, what's that saying...jealousy is never pretty on anyone. I'll try to remember that when you move into your new palace. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the message of your post today. It's funny because I started to notice you and Carol fixing up your blogs to this new, fancy standard and thought, "Do I need to fix mine?" After reading what you went through, I am going to be happy with what I have and leave it alone! I am so glad you helped me to reinforce the fact that "fancier" doesn't mean "better." The reason we started these blogs was for the purpose of writing and capturing memories. I am so glad you didn't lose the most important thing- the writing. Phew!