Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lovebug turns 8 months old!

Happy eight month birthday Abby Grace! I know I say this every month, but time is really flying by. How is it possible for this little baby to already be eight months old? She is starting to have quite the personality these days, with more coos, smiles, and laughs than ever before.

With all that personality, Abby is now such a little busybody. She wants to see everything, get her hands on everything, and of course... wants to eat everything. Abby is still very content to just sit and play, or roll around to get from place to place. Just this past week, she has started to attempt crawling, but still isn't ready yet. Won't be long though... scary! Abby does a lot of "talking" and is even starting to mimic simple sounds or noises that I make. I love talking to her... in fact, I talk to her nonstop ALL DAY LONG. People must think I'm really crazy when I'm pushing the stroller and talking to her even though she can't see me. Although, in this city... I'm pretty sure anything goes!

At eight months old, I am realizing just how smart this little baby is. At this stage of development, Abby is starting to associate words with certain things and recognize certain objects. She recognizes the container her "Puffs" are in (yummy!) and the shake that comes along with it. As soon as she sees it or hears it, she will start to grunt, kick her legs and get her hands going. Abby also remembers that Grandad wears his military dog tags around his neck. He always wears them, but keeps them under his shirt. Abby loves to feel around for them until she finds them to play with. I can't believe she can recall that! Such a smartie!

Abby and I play with these stackable shapes everyday. They seem to be a favorite toy now, especially when I stack them and she knocks them down. She thinks that is so funny and it puts a huge smile on her face! We must stack them, knock them over, and say "uh-ohhhhh" a thousand times a day. Love it! I love everything about this little lovebug of mine. Most of all, I LOVE the way I kiss her cheek and then she smiles from ear to ear. That is the best. thing. ever.


Carol said...

Okay, that first picture is gorgeous! And, it looks like you finally unpacked the "good" camera! Man, her 1st birthday is really just around the corner!

Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Thank you Carol!! The "good" camera is unpacked thankfully! I love that thing!! I guess I need to start thinking about a birthday party. Yikes!