Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sleepy Saturday ...

Thanks to Picnik, I was able to edit this picture of Abby. This website is awesome! Check it out, if you haven't already.

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Today has felt like one of those days ... a stay in your pajamas, lounge around, eat all kinds of chocolate (and sweet tea!) kind of day. It could be the rainy and cold weather, my level of tiredness, or that I secretly crave a day like this every once in a while. As you know, these days are hard to come by. It may be that a work schedule is too demanding or that you have cleaning that is way overdue ... or in my case, a baby that has other plans in mind! So that's why today only felt like one of those days.

Since Abby's plans weren't to watch movies all day or drool over the chocolate Mommy was eating (that wouldn't be fair!), we decided to venture out into the rainy, cold April weather. First stop ... Chic-Fil-A for sweet tea. A must. Next stop ... Kohl's. Aunt Jenny had bought Abby some things that needed to be exchanged for a bigger size (yes, it's true... she won't stop eating), so we exchanged those and did a bit more shopping while there. Oh yeah, also found chocolate! Then after grocery shopping for dinner, we headed home. Nothing too exciting, but still a fun time and we finally got to spend an afternoon with Aunt Jenny! :)

Tonight, Aunt Heather and Emily came down to visit. Abby was in such a happy mood, the happiest of the whole day! She was cooing, smiling, laughing and just loving time with her cousin... she just loves Emily! We had a great time playing and watching Abby do her new tricks.

Lately it seems like Abby does something new everyday and I'm loving it! Just last week, she fed herself finger foods for the first time. She is able to pick it up off the tray and put it in her mouth all by herself. Also last week, she slept on her tummy for the first time. She has always been a back/side sleeper, so it was super cute seeing her lay comfortably on her tummy. Yesterday, she signed "more" and actually did it at the right time. Today, she did it without me even signing it.... said the word, and she did it... again! She really knows how to sign for "more" food! Tonight, after watching Aunt Heather and Emily clap over and over, Abby clapped by herself.... for the first time. So cute!!! Even cuter (is that possible?!) is that she mimicked Aunt Heather and Emily saying "yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy." So Abby would clap those little hands of hers together and say "yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy." Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! Not sure if I'm ready to believe it or not, but in just a few weeks, our little Abby will be crawling away. She took her first "scoot" forward and is really trying to lift herself into the crawling position. She is truly almost there. Yikes!

All of these "firsts" are so special ...It makes a day like today, when I just wanted to be lazy all day, so much better. It makes me appreciate the time that I get to have with this little baby I'm so lucky to call mine.


Sue said...

Liz, you really are very lucky. She is such a sweet baby. You will be chasing her before you know it and then things will get very interesting. We can't wait to hear all about the new adventures that little Abby will experience. I'm sure JJ really notices a difference in her development after he's gone for long road trips, making his homecoming something very very special. ;) Love you guys! Stay well.

Carol said...

Liz! I love that picture. You'll have to share with me how you did that. I love reading the details of your day, almost makes me feel like I'm with you. Excuse me now, while I go research airfare. I miss you guys sooo much, maybe if I have a plane ticket, I'll feel better! Kisses to Abby Grace.