Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Baltimore "Home"

For the next five (almost six) months, the Johnson family will be calling Baltimore "home." We are finally settled into our new place and getting back into the baseball routine. Jim's been quite busy with the opening week of baseball... day games, night games, breakfasts and luncheons with sponsors, etc... It's hard for me to adjust to our "season" life because "offseason" life is much more laid back and relaxing! So far, so good though. I'm really liking our new place and it feels a lot more cozy and welcoming this year. We have great skyline and water views, floor to ceiling windows in our living room, and a spacious layout with two bedrooms. Abby has her own nursery here, which I have already decorated for her!

Abby and I have been to a few day games with family, but as for night games, I will have to go to those when I can get a babysitter. It's too difficult since Abby goes to bed so early and I'm not willing to mess with her bedtime. I've gotten used to having some "me" time at the end of each day! Nana and PopPop came to visit for the weekend and helped us unpack and get settled. Grandad and Gramma also helped prior to actually moving in. Thank God for family! Abby and I have been taking daily walks around the city and she just loves it. There is so much to see! We are going to find a playground this week, hopefully within walking distance. Jim goes on the road Wednesday for the longest road trip of the season. 11 days! I'm not looking forward to this, but I will find things to do to keep me busy. Baltimore has a lot to explore! :)

Another view from our place. Love the water!

Abby's Nursery

"Where are we Mommy?"
Abby likes to sit in front of the windows.

"Wow, that's a BIG city out there!"
Love her eyes in this picture. She is really looking down!

Having fun with Grandad after a game.

Abby's face after trying blueberries for the first time!
Mouth open wide... ready for more... blueberries are a hit!


Carol said...

Awesome views! Did you take those pics with the "good" camera? Abby's nursery is cute! Your mama did a great job picking out the decals. I'm impressed that you brought her chair with you. BTW, I should post pics of the matching PBK chairs that my mom got the girls...they are SO CUTE! I hope to see this all for myself this summer!

Liz & Jim Johnson said...

I did take them with the GOOD camera!!! My old camera was horrible with night pictures, all the lights would become a blur. The decals match the bedding, love them!!! Mama bought them on Ebay for me :) I had to bring that chair, when she starts walking, I can just picture her using that to stand.... so cute. I want to see the pics of your PBK chairs, do post!!!! Can't wait for you to get here already.

Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

Liz, so glad to see you guys are getting settled in and doing well. I love your place, what a view and Abby's nursery...too cute! Oh, and the overall outfit, adorable! BTW, where can I get an awesome chair like that for Jonah??? ;)

Cara (Nana Banana) said...

Those are great pictures and I am so glad to hear that everyone is settling in and feeling comfortable at home in Baltimore. I will be back in Baltimore for a couple of weeks. There is the best library that Abby would absolutely love and we (my grand daughter and I) could meet you there. Let me know if you are available this week.