Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby's First Easter :)

Abby's First Easter was such a special day. It was a day filled with family, tons of food, and absolutely gorgeous weather! Being around family on holidays makes the day even more special. I wish Jim had been here to celebrate with us, but baseball season is underway... and he was able to enjoy a nice dinner with some of his teammates. Not the same as being with family, but at least he was with good friends. Abby wore a dress that her Daddy bought for her before she was even born. Before Easter, he kept asking, week after week, "Can Abby fit in that dress yet?" Finally, it fits.... and it worked perfectly as an Easter dress. She looked so adorable ... Daddy, keep shopping for your little girl. You do a great job! :)

Abby's Easter Basket ...
Donald Duck was a gift from Nana and PopPop. She was scared of him at first but loves him now!

"Hmmm, what's in here?!"

Abby & Mommy

Love this picture!

Oops... what happened here?!

Such a sweetie :)

Playing with her new toys ...

Gramma, Grandad, & Abby
(Yes, Grandad is watching TV)

Abby even enjoyed Easter dinner... wink wink :)


Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

Oh, I love these pictures! Soooo cute! Glad to see that you and Abby are doing well! Jonah and I miss you both already!

Carol said...

That little bonnet is so precious and that picture of Abby in that giant basket is adorable! I hope this summer Chloe will grow into her little romper & matching bonnet from Uncle JJ. We miss you guys so much!

PS: That wooden high chair is amazing. Take more pictures in it....they just don't make them like that anymore, do they?