Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Visit to Storyville

Yesterday, Abby and I got the chance to explore outside of the city. Thanks to Cara, a dear friend, we were able to find "Storyville." Storyville is an interactive early learning literacy center for children. They have activities, toys, and books for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. It's designed as a village, all in childlike proportions. After hearing all about it, I decided we should give it a try, so our friend Daniele came along and we headed outside of the city for some playdate fun!

We met Cara and her daughter, Kate at Storyville to play with Kate's children. Kate brought along her 3 year old daughter Keze and her 7 month old son Mac. Keze seemed to really enjoy the marketplace, where she could shop for her groceries and then check them out at the cash register. Inside the village was also a house, a construction zone, a theater for plays and puppet shows, a firestation, and much more! Storyville is such a great place for children to use their imagination!

Mac and Abby played mostly in the "Baby Garden." (pictured above) It is an area specifically for infants that are not walking yet. It had tons of toys, books, mirrors built into the floors, and life-like flowers to pull up on. It felt like you were truly enjoying a day in the garden! Abby had a lot of fun playing with new toys, reading books, and watching the other babies. I'm so glad we found Storyville (thanks Cara!) and can't wait to visit again.


Anonymous said...

Awe!!! It looks SO CUTE! I want to play! Glad you found a new place to take Abby while you are up there! :)

Carol said...

I bet my girls would love it there! trip to Baltimore?

Liz & Jim Johnson said...

That would definitely be on the to-do list. Come on!!!