Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baltimore, here we come!

It's hard to believe that baseball season is officially going to start next week. That means it's time to start the countdown of many things. Only a few more nights in our comfy bed that I love so much, only a few more showers to take in our bathroom, and most importantly only a few more days to hang out with people we care so much about. On Saturday, it's time to leave our home in Florida and head to Baltimore, where we will enjoy city life for a change. Ahhh, the life of baseball ... and here's to another GREAT season! :)

Gramma and Grandad were just here for a quick visit so they could help us prepare for this journey. They were able to take some things back with them since they drove, which will save us time and money to transport everything ourselves! We are so blessed to have family where we spend the baseball season. That is definitely the best part about being away from our home!

Strike a pose!
Abby showing off her "Rufflebutts" from Aunt Jenny

So sweet...

Abby has so much fun with Gramma and Grandad.

This picture just makes my heart happy.
I love the way they are both looking the same direction and how
Abby has her hand resting on Grandad's.

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Carol said...

What's hard to believe is that when you came home at the end of last season, you brought with you an ity bity baby. Now, as you leave for the season you are taking with you a baby that can sit on her own, eats solid foods, and waves bye-bye. It's heartbreaking to think of all of the milestones that she'll be passing while you are away; crawling, table food, first words, and walking. Oye! Well, the upside is that at least your family will get the chance to witness an army of Abby's firsts. We'll miss you!