Monday, September 28, 2009

You weren't kidding!

      Before Abby was born, everyone warned me just how fast babies grow but I had no clue it would be THIS fast.  At Abby's one month check-up last week, she weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces.  The doctor said it was a healthy weight gain and she is average, right in the middle of the growth charts.  I just couldn't believe it... that's a long ways away from the little peanut of 5 pounds 10 ounces that we brought home from the hospital.  
      Tomorrow Abby will be 6 weeks old.  Unbelievable!  We are making progress with sleeping at night and getting up just twice.  Unlike before, she now realizes that it is nighttime and is able to go back to sleep, usually within a reasonable amount of time.  Abby is getting more on a "schedule" where she wakes up to play, eat and take a morning nap.  Then eats, plays, and takes a late afternoon nap before bath and bedtime.  This doesn't always happen, but it is happening more often than not.  It's great to have her awake longer and looking at everything... she is taking it all in!  
      Last week, I was a bit concerned that Abby was crying a lot when she was awake.  She would wake up from a nap and just scream... no play time, just wanted to EAT!  I talked to Dr. Nold and he thinks it could be reflux, so we are trying a new formula, maybe going to try Prevacid.... just to see if we notice any changes.  It seems that Mylicon drops worked best, so maybe Abby is just a gassy baby.  Who knows.... but for now we are taking it one day at a time to try to figure out what is causing her discomfort.  Today was a great day, not much crying at all and a lot more playtime! :)  
Abigail - 5 weeks old... getting so big!

      Here are a few new videos to show you what Abby has been up to lately.  
Now Featuring.....

"Playtime with Cousin Emily"

"Horse Noises"

"Playtime with Mommy"


Carol said...

I told you! It's crazy how fast they change. Before you know it you'll be celebrating her 1st birthday and then planning on the arrival of a sibling. LOL! I always love it when you post new pics and video. Miss you guys.

Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Thanks Carol... I try to post often so those that aren't around us can watch Abby grow! Won't be long and you will be there to witness it in person! :)