Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Playing catch up....

      I have finally finished designing a new blog site to journal the joys of parenthood and to keep everyone updated on Abigail.  Of course it took me a few days since I was doing it in between feedings, naps, play time, and bath time.        
      Abigail has been doing great and is finally starting to stay awake for longer periods of time throughout the day.  She still naps A LOT, but at least we have some time to stimulate her with singing, toys, and her play mat.  Nights are getting better ... still losing sleep, but we are getting there.  Abby usually wakes up two to three times a night and it's getting easier to get her back to sleep once she is wide awake and ready to party!  Hopefully this trend continues and we can establish a routine at some point.        
      Daddy is in Boston and New York until Sunday, so we are enjoying our time with Gramma and Grandad once again.  Gramma is such a lifesaver and has been extremely helpful!  I owe her big time!  Gramma and I witnessed one of Abby's "firsts" today while playing with her on the Baby Einstein play mat.  I put Abby on her stomach for a little "tummy time" so she can work on strengthening her neck muscles.  After holding her head up and looking all around, she suddenly started to roll over..... it didn't take long and she was on her back.  I know it's harder for babies to roll over from back to stomach, but it's still considered one of Abby's "firsts" to me!        
      Here are some latest pictures of our sweet baby.  Tomorrow I will add some videos that I have taken of her!
I love that her hair already holds tiny bows!

First "real" bath with Daddy after cord came off.  Abby LOVED it!

The swaddle gown ... it's a must for bedtime!  

      Enjoying her swing...


Susan said...

I don't know what to comment on first, your beautiful blog or your beautiful girl! Both look perfect! Liz, I love the picture of Jim's hands next to little Abigail. So so sweet!

Have a great weekend and snuggle with your baby lots!

Carol said...

Love the new blog and the updated pictures of Abby. She looks so tiny in that swing, compared to Chloe swinging in it. I can't wait to meet her! At least I have the pics and the updates to keep me feeling connected. She is so precious!

Sue said...

We all loved looking at the pictures and videos of Abby. She is so precious. Her little arms and legs are the size of Jim's fingers !! I'm sure he can hold her in the palm of his hands pretty easily. Glad to see that he's getting the pleasure of baby bathing ;) Just remind him that the "rough" sponge next to the sink does not get used on Abby !!