Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Outing as a Family!

       Other than a few walks to Whole Foods or the AT&T store, the Johnson Family had our first big outing together on Sunday, August 30th.  I first took Abigail to her first Orioles game, where I had time to catch up with some other baseball moms and share stories, while Abigail got to take in her Daddy's seventh save of the season.  Go Daddy!     
       After the game, the Orioles hosted a Family Day for players and their families.  There was tons of food, goodies for the kids, and jerseys for everyone to wear.  They even had a onesie made for Abigail that has Johnson #43 on the back.  It was way too big, but she will grow into it for next season!  It was a fun time to just hang out, talk, and spend time together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with such great friends.  Jim and I are truly blessed to be part of such a family oriented baseball team.
Jim was so proud to show off his little girl. 

Abigail didn't do much other than sleep ... maybe she'll enjoy Family Day a little more next year! :)


Susan said...

Awwww...what a perfect place for your family to go together! She's adorable and I love the fact that they had the onesie for her. So sweet.

Have a great one!!

Carol said...

I know she is tiny, but she seems so small in daddy's arms. I'm glad that you are enjoying some of your freedoms again. You are right about next year...actually, you'll probably be wishing she was this small again. Nothing like trying to make a toddler sit still for a baseball game!