Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guess who?

      As soon as a baby is born, one of the first questions asked is always "who does she look like?"  When asked this question you are left thinking, does she have her Mom's lips or ears, Dad's eyes, and so on.  When Abby was first born, it was obvious that Abby had her Daddy's big feet and long fingers and a few people said she had my lips.  I'm not sure who she looks like more... me or Jim?  Certain days I see me and other days I can see Jim.  I do know one thing for sure... I see my Mom.  My sister Heather mentioned this a few weeks back and so the other night my Mom and I went through her old photo album.  Sure enough, Abby looks just like her Gramma, with all that dark hair, the same eyes, nose and lips.   So now when people ask "who does she look like?" I can easily respond .... "her Gramma!"

What do you think??

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Carol said...

Wow! I can totally see that. I love Gramma's pictures. Pictures just don't look like that anymore. I can sometimes see my brother in's kind of weird but she looks a lot like he did as a child.