Thursday, September 10, 2009

What is Abby up to?

      With each day that passes (and they are passing quickly) Abby likes to try new things.  She started out not really liking her play mat and now she will spend up to 15 minutes on it at a time.  Doesn't sound like much time, but I've come to learn that 15 minutes for a baby is quite a chunk of time!


      I've also been putting Abby on her tummy for "tummy time" each day.  She is trying to hold that head up.  I should have probably started to video her at the beginning when she was actually doing better, but grabbed the camera halfway through.  Needless to say, what you will see is Abby getting tired! :)

      Abby also spends a lot of her time watching the people that hold her.  She loves to be talked to and enjoys listening to singing.  She spends a lot of time watching her Mommy.  Take a look!

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