Thursday, October 8, 2009

One happy family!

      Jim and I are so relieved that baseball season is finally over!  I haven't posted in a while because we have been taking time to enjoy being a family and getting to know Abigail on a whole new level.  Abby sure does love her Daddy!  
      Abby's personality is starting to come out.... slowly, but it won't be long from now!  We are seeing more smiles (while she is awake!) in response to silly things we do.  She can coo and grunt during playtime.  It's adorable!  Abby seems to enjoy laying on a blanket on the floor with rattles and toys all around her, even more than being held these days.  
      We have a busy weekend ahead of us with our friend Meredith's wedding and then Jim, Abby, and I are heading to New York for a few days next week.  I promise to post more videos and pictures soon ... you will be amazed at how little Abby is growing!!!

Abby loves sleeping with Daddy! :)

Listen for Abby cooing... She does it a lot more but seems to get camera shy!