Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Say cheese!

      As I posted before, I have been anxiously waiting to see Abigail smile a "real" smile.  The smiles we usually get are when she is asleep, either from dreams or gas..... 
Typical.... smiling yet asleep...

      Gramma was the first one to steal a smile a few weeks back.  Gramma is always talking to Abby and showing her all the pretty colors around the house, and that's how she got the first real smile!  I didn't get to see that one, but it made her baby book as a first anyway.  
      Today, as if Abigail knew she had an audience, Grandad and I witnessed the real deal.  She was in her carseat sitting on the kitchen table waiting to go to Uncle Donnie and Aunt Kay's for a playdate with her cousins (yes, she napped through it all while the other kids played).  Grandad was talking to Abby and she was intently staring back into his eyes... and then all of a sudden, there it was... a big smile!  Not from a dream, not from gas... a true smile! :)  
      So now instead of anxiously waiting for a real smile... I'm waiting for a real smile at her Mommy! :)

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Carol said...

So Sweet! I love her jammies! Way to go Abby!! She's knocked down one of many firsts which are all completely amazing when they happen. Belly laughs are just around the corner!