Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy One Month Birthday Abigail!

      I simply cannot believe that our little girl is one month old already.  It is the strangest feeling because I feel like she has been a part of us forever, yet it seems to have passed so quickly.  Abby is doing great... still taking long naps during the day and wanting to be wide-eyed at night, but is getting better each day.  She is really starting to smile and laugh in her dreams which makes me so anxious for her to actually smile and laugh at us!!  When I talk or sing to her, I can see that it isn't too far off... she's getting so close! :)  
      I thank God everyday for this sweet blessing... I still just stare at her and say to myself over and over... "she really belongs to us!"  Happy One Month Birthday Abigail! 


Susan said...

Oh Liz! You are going to be SO GLAD that you are documenting each of these little milestones. She's simply precious...almost looks too perfect to be real in this picture! Hope you're all doing well.

Anonymous said...

Abby looks like a real life baby doll! You must be having so much fun with her! I know I keep saying this, but would ya get back here already? Can't wait to see her sweet face and yours too. LOL

Carol said...

Happy one month birthday doll baby! Where does the time go...seriously? I know the nights seem to last forever, but life just moves so fast when you have kids. I joke with people that it isn't time that is aging me, it's my children! They always remind us how precious time is because they change so fast! The best parts of motherhood are around the corner, the cooing, belly laughs, hugs, kisses and I love you's...they'll all be yours before you know it!