Friday, April 1, 2011

Are you there sunshine? It's me, Liz.

Oh pool days ... come back.
Abby & I miss you.

It feels good to be back home, it always does. Abby and I are staying at my Mom and Dad's house for a few more days until our Baltimore rental is all set and ready to go. We've had a lot of fun playing with family and it is definitely nice all being together.

The downside of coming here in April is the weather. Blah. It's cloudy, dark, rainy, cold, and depressing. I can't take it!! I miss the Florida sunshine, the sunshine that makes my heart happy. The good news .... this weather won't last too much longer. It usually comes and goes throughout the whole month, but there are nicer days coming. Even a 70 degree day in the forecast next week. We can do this!



The Lutz Family said...

Hi Liz-

The photo book I ordered was the hard cover 12x12 off of Shutterfly. The quality is great!

I did, however, not make the pages with them. I used a program called Microsoft Digitl Image Pro 10 which was recommended to me. I got it off ebay for like $30. I loved it's ability to let me be created, but it wasn't too advanced that I didn't understand how to use it. When I was done I just saved my page as a jpeg. In shutterfly i'd make the page one full picture and import my jpeg scrapbook page I had created.

It was a lot of work, but totally worth it! Good Luck!!!

Carol said...

You would die if you knew just how gorgeous the weather was here this weekend! Although, when we are sweating in 100% humidity next month, you'll be basking in spring weather - it's coming!