Friday, April 22, 2011

If everything could be this carefree ...

I've been really slacking on the monthly updates I used to do. You know the ones, right? The ones with Abby's latest milestones and measurements. I can't remember writing about 15 months, I know I missed 18 months, and here we are at 20 months old. And I've got nothing. I'll write a 20 month letter to Miss Abby in a few days .. but for now, this is all I have. A photo that captures such a carefree moment in the life of a toddler.

A few months ago I would have said that it was the roughest and most challenging age so far. Abby was trying to find her words and instead of being patient (what is patience to a child?!) and waiting for us to figure out what exactly it was she wanted, she would whine ... and moan ... and cry out of frustration. There were some days where I felt Abby spent most of her day acting like this. It was hard. Frustrating. I became impatient. The days were always a challenge and I looked forward to her expanding her vocabulary.

As if this wasn't enough, Abby wasn't one to play by herself. She constantly needed attention and to be entertained. Whether I would be cooking or doing laundry, she would be standing at my legs crying and wanting me to play. She always wanted someone right by her side.

Well let me tell you .. it's still no walk in the park but it is getting so much better. I'm enjoying this age so much. Abby is learning so much, showing off that personality of hers, and is finding it easier to express what she wants. Last night I just sat back watching her play by herself and couldn't wipe the smile off my face. She fed her Baby her bottle, placed her in her crib, covered her with a blanket and patted Baby's head. It's these moments that I want to soak up and hold on to forever.

I know this really just means Abby is growing up. She's becoming a "big girl." She wants to do everything on her own, she's learning so much, and it's getting easier for us to understand her needs and wants. As much as I want time to stand still or slow down, I love witnessing the carefree life of a toddler who is simply trying to figure everything out. :)



Carol said...

Ahh the joys! Love baby's that a bitty baby outfit, or a Target outfit? You really brightened my day yesterday with all the May 15th talk! Seriously, the highlight of my day...I hope it all works out, and I've got a babysitter to book!

LeeAnn said...

Man, and here I thought I was a slacker. ;-)

I could have written this post about this being a tough age. I was at the end of my rope with Bryce, but it is getting better for sure. I hate to wish his life away, but I can't wait until he is 3. 3 has been such an awesome age so far! :-) 2 is good too, though...once they start talking.