Friday, April 8, 2011

Come on in ... welcome to our new "home"

One thing I look forward to each baseball season is moving into a new home. We usually rent an apartment or condo in a high rise building, but this year we wanted something different. Something with a more "homey" feel to it, in a nice neighborhood with a lot to offer. Easy to find right? That theory proved me wrong and it took us a long time to find the perfect (or close to it) fit.

There are many old yet renovated row homes in Baltimore that are each unique in their own way. We wanted to find one that was right for us but that meant it needed an outside area for a dog, parking, and closed stairwells. Finally we settled on a rental in Canton, minutes from downtown Baltimore, but a little more family friendly. There is still the downtown feel as we are only two blocks from the "heart" of Canton ... an area full of restaurants, bars, gift shops, and unique boutiques. We are also within walking distance to a playground, dog park, waterfront park, and the gym. It's perfect.

It isn't any quieter here, but we are getting used to the city noises again. Fire trucks, police cars, big trucks, horns, car alarms, barking dogs ... you name it, we hear it. We'll get used to it and before long, it won't bother us at all.

Most importantly, I feel safe here. I was concerned at first with how I would feel living in a row home, with street access. But it hasn't bothered me... not yet anyways. Hubs has been home every night so far, so we'll see how I feel when he is on his first roadtrip of the season! And it also helps to have awesome neighbors!! It's so comforting to be near friends of ours, who are a part of our baseball family. Shout out to Maria & Matt :)

So with that said ... we are settling in and trying to get used to the baseball routine. Here are some photos of our new "home."

Love the kitchen :)

And love the view :)

I forgot to take pictures of the Master Bath, but it's nothing too exciting... and we have a finished basement too, with a full bath and extra bedroom. It will be nice to have that space for visitors ... any takers?!



daphne @ flip flops and pearls said...

Oh Liz!!

Congrats Honey, I love it. Those windows in the kitchen are awesome:)

I hope your weekend is great & you get a ton accomplished.

Amy said...

What a nice looking home! Enjoy it!

jaimemccowan said...

Beautiful Liz! I am sure Abby and Max just love the new home :)

Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

Very pretty house

Anonymous said...

Liz!!! It's SO cute! I am so happy your home away from home is so darling, safe and homey. I am in love with cherry blossoms so I am insanely jealous that you have one to look at right outside your window! Sorry I haven't called yet- I have had a doozie of a week with my back and then I got sick, which left me home down and out. I will call soon! Can't wait to hear how everything is going! {{{Hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I hope you are adjusting well!

Sue said...

Looks so nice! Love those windows!! Abby seems to love them too, just right for her ;-) You never know, we might just take you up on your offer! Miss you guys. XOXO

Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

Liz, the place looks beautiful. So happy you are able to make it great home away from home and that all is going well! :)