Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Moms that get it

I'm not gonna lie, today feels like it's been three days wrapped into one. And as I write this it's only just after one in the afternoon. I'm sure y'all can relate to having days like this. Everyone has them and hopefully they don't happen too often.

Today started bright and early, around 6:15 again. I'm not sure why Abby is getting up so early here, although I'm pretty sure the loud traffic that starts at 6am has something to do with it. Or maybe it's the sunlight that peeps in her windows at that early hour of the day. Which reminds me, I'm totally going to make some sort of contraption for the circular window in her room. That sucker needs to be covered!

Anyways, back to today ... there was actually sunshine outside and the weather was nice enough to leave the jackets in the closet. Kathleen (a friend of mine) and I decided to try a playgroup at a local library. A neighbor told me about it and raved about the program so I thought we'd give it a go. Abby likes things like this. But not today ... it was a disaster. You see, the lady leading the playgroup was singing and using props that Abby wanted to play with. She didn't want to sit in my lap, she wanted to play the tamborine! This lady wasn't too nice though and she was not happy when the little ones started to move about. Thankfully, Kathleen's son Jacob is a clone of Miss Abby. They share the same personality and the same want to be on the move. all. the. time.

After awhile, we noticed we must have been in the wrong class as Jacob and Abby were clearly the oldest children. So we left the crazy, not so nice teacher and the other moms behind to sing songs with their babies in peace. These women looked like they were in complete shock that children could behave this way. Don't worry ... your turn is coming ladies.

So off to the park and lunch we went. Then we headed back to our house where the kids played together so much better. Minus Abby's hitting (Ugh, when did this start?) and Max's attempt at escaping. Actually, he did escape and ran right down the busiest street in Canton. Oh yeah, fun times. Thankfully, I was able to get him back in the house, unharmed by any moving cars.

All in all, it was actually a good morning. I'm so thankful to have friends ... that are moms ... that "get it." Today I'm simply thankful for friends like this. Together we'll get through these challenging times and why not get a few laughs out of it?



Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

Oh boy, I know the feeling, those "new mommies" are in for a surprise. So glad you weren't alone in that one! :) Hey, did you see my post with Abby and Jonah at the park? Miss you....

Anonymous said...

It is nice to have others there who know what you are going through. Sometimes I feel like the "seasoned mommies" forget what having a toddler is like...especially one like ours! Always on the move! I totally understand that. I tried to take Rylie to a baby shower and clearly it was a bad idea. She was the only toddler and getting into everything while everyone looked at me like "control your child". Unfortunately daddy had to work so she had to come along. But thankfully there was one other mommy who understood and helped me entertain Rylie lol.

Anywho sorry for such a long comment. You are lucky to move and have others there with you who understand.

Carol said...

I miss you....terribly.