Thursday, April 7, 2011

Opening Day - Play Ball!

Opening Day baseball has come and gone. The season is officially underway and the Orioles are off to a great start! ::knocks on wood:: We had a lot of fun at the ballpark on Opening Day, despite a busy toddler wanting to dodge in and out of the crowds, no fear whatsoever of all the towering people surrounding her.

Abby actually did a great job ... we watched the first two or three innings in the stands, then headed downstairs to the family room where she could play with the other kiddos. One of the new players this year has an adorable son, whom Abby just adores. As soon as she spotted him, she started to whine for his attention. They played together for the next three or so innings ... kissing may or may not have been involved. :) It's going to be a fun season watching these two grow up together, especially since they are only a month apart in age. After we tired the kiddos out, we ventured back up to the stands for the end of the game ... just in time to see a WIN!

It's so different with Abby this year. She is a handful ... to say the least. BUT ... she danced to the fun ballpark music on my lap, clapped when everyone else clapped, and was fascinated by the wave. This is going to be a fun season! I may be exhausted at the end of each day but we're going to have a great time together.

Even though we were at the ballpark, the highlight of Abby's day wasn't even baseball. It wasn't the crowds or the loud sounds. It wasn't the ballpark food or the fireworks. It was seeing her Daddy after the game (it had been a week) ... and seeing her get that excited makes my heart melt. This little girl loves her Daddy!



Sue said...

Precious, precious, precious!! I love the cute. The way she's looking at Jim is so expressive of her love for her daddy. Is that Jim's mom in the background of the second to last pic? If so, how wonderful that she got to see opening weekend in Baltimore!! Go O's!! Love you guys! xoxo

Carol said...

Abby's shirt is adorable! I love that it is so girly! Glad you had fun at the game. We miss you guys.

Liz said...

Sue, Jim's parents were able to be here for opening day. It was a short visit, but they will be back soon!! It was nice having his family and my family there for such a fun day :)

Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

Best wishes to the Orioles this year

Abby has a cute shirt!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw so cute! I love her shirt!

Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

So sweet and cute! I remember you telling me about Abby's shirt, love it! Much luck to Jim for a great season!