Thursday, March 31, 2011

Letter - Just had to vent.

Dear AirTran employee,

I realize that you may not be completely happy with your job and you probably don't enjoy the swarm of people waiting in your check-in line an hour before the plane takes off. You deal with several customers a day and I'm sure at times it may be overwhelming, especially when you get that customer that is rude or overly demanding. But then there are those customers like me that may seem a bit overwhelmed with the whole flying thing. Not that I don't like it ... I do. I love the fact that we can be somewhere in two hours instead of being stuck in a car for 16 hours. Sometimes though, I feel a bit of anxiety about the flight ... maybe because I'm traveling alone with a 19 month old. Or it could be the fact that the hubs forgot to put the stroller in the truck (totally not his fault) ... but still... I'm left without it. So this is me: backpack on, bag over the shoulder, baby on my hip. Thankfully hubs came to help and was able to deal with the suitcase and carseat.

However, you ma'am, were not so nice. You eyed the weight on the scale which read 54 pounds. The limit is 50. Yes, I know that. Can you cut me some slack here? Look at us, we're a mess! But instead I have to take things out of the suitcase or pay you an extra $50. You are already getting enough of my money, so I take out diapers, a baby doll (that now I add to the load I must carry) and you still shake your head. 52 pounds. Really? I need to take out more? I remove my planner, which is a pound. Crazy to think it weighs that much but it takes us to 51 pounds and I'll take it. And then you say to the customer behind me, "she shouldn't be much longer." Well thank you... I guess I need to remove the last pound. A few sippy cups later, my lighter load backpack becomes quite heavy thanks to you.

Couldn't you tell that I was already emotional? I was about to fly alone with a toddler, leave my hubby for a week, and something this little was really getting to me? My eyes were filling with tears lady! I guess it's the little things like this that make your day better. I don't know. Maybe you get little laughs out of customers like me.

I am praying that your week gets better and the days pass quickly. Maybe a weekend will turn you around and get you smiling again.

Future Southwest Passenger



~Rachel said...

Argh! I will say that Southwest is THE best to deal with! No change fees, with our crazy life of constant moves, and families are seated before the rest of the population. You won't have to leave your 3 yr old 7 rows back in a middle seat since that is all that is available! And no fees for bags. Well worth it!
Hope your next flight goes better!

Sue said...

Liz, so sorry you had a frustrating start to your trip :/ It sure doesn't help when you have so much to tote around on your own, most importantly that sweet little girl. I remember travelling once with the whole gang, Nick was carrying his backpack that almost flipped him on his back. Hope the next flights are less stressful. Enjoy your stay in MD. We miss you.

Carol said...

You didn't tell me that part! I had to LOL at the way you signed the letter. Personally, Love SW, and I think they are absolutely the most child friendly airline to fly.

Remember when we were at Old Navy or was it Mcdonalds waaaay back and you said "Someone takes their job a little too seriously!" LOL - that would have applied well here too. I'm glad that was the worst part of your trip and it went smoothly from there ;)