Thursday, June 3, 2010

Home, SWEET, home!

When Jim first told me the news that we would be returning home to Sarasota (for his elbow rehab), I honestly was a bit let down. All kinds of different emotions swept over me. Of course, it would be fun to go back home, to our house, but this is the time of year I get to see my family the most. I was saddened because this is the first baseball season where I actually felt like we made a home in Baltimore. There was something about the cozy apartment, with great views of the water and city, that I fell in love with. Having to pack up everything, leave the apartment, and say early goodbyes to family, was a bit difficult to say the least.
Then I started to get excited to have our normal life back. Playdates, park time, meeting up with friends. Jim and I are truly blessed to have found a place that we can call home. Although it's not always easy being away from family, the friends that we have made here have become our extended family.
So for now, Jim and I are enjoying this time together... as a family. I like to think of our stay at home as just a mini vacation to break up the long baseball season. I'm happy to be here, however long it lasts and will be happy to return to Baltimore when the time comes. :)
This weekend was spent hanging out with great friends! There is nothing like an evening full of grilled grub, pool time, and laughter. Looking forward to more of these nights together!

Chloe & Abby
Such sweet babies, happy to be together again!

Abby loves the ball pit ... and Mama LOVES this picture.
Thanks Carol :)

Which kid had more fun?

Friends Family :)
Nothing gets better than this!

Thanks to Carol for pictures 1, 2, and 5. You captured some great moments! :)


Carol said...

Crap. There is something in my eyeball. What is that? A tear? Yeah. I'm blaming the whole gang picture and the words underneath it for that! Glad you are home.

Kir said...

Love the pool picture of all of you together! And yes- your friends become your family when your family isn't close by. That's the best part about friends. Glad you are back in town!

Sue said...

Great pictures!! Abby is getting so big. We have to set a time to catch up. Glad you're all enjoying precious family time.