Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun is what it's all about.

This weekend reminded me how easy it can be to have fun with friends, even with a baby around. Sometimes, it gets hard to be a part of social events due to the baby's bedtime, nap schedule, or the need for a babysitter. However, this weekend ... we were able to enjoy time with good friends and forget about the small stuff.

On Friday night, we had friends of ours come to the house for dinner. Jim researched some new recipes (great ones at that!) and he grilled away! Abby was ready to play when they got here, so Brian and Diana were able to squeeze in some baby time. After bath and bottle, Abby went to sleep so the couples could eat a nice meal together. It was a great night of food, dessert (Thanks D!), conversation, and even a little "Say Yes to the Dress." Another friend of ours was on the show, so we had to watch ... and the guys were good sports about watching it. So instead of getting all dressed up and heading out to a fancy restaurant, we were able to have the same fun (if not more) in a more relaxed, cozy environment, all while Abby slept peacefully.

Diana & Brian enjoy their baby time :)

Then, on Saturday night ... all routine went out the window and it was GREAT! Abby and I went over to Carol's for a little playtime with Chloe and it turned into a whole night of fun! I love how a playdate turned into bath time for two little babies, Abby asleep in the pack-n-play, Chloe and Camdyn sound asleep by 8, an adult only dinner, and a nighttime swim with beverages! It felt good to let go of the normal nightly routine and just enjoy time with friends. If only we could party past 10 ... next time! We woke Abby around 9:45, brought her home and she went right to bed until 7:30 this morning. It was another night of good food, laughter, and great friends!

(Yet another great pic from Carol)

Lesson learned from this weekend.... You can always have fun with friends, even with a baby around! Sometimes, the everyday routine has to be forgotten about. It's all about having fun, and that's just what we had this weekend... FUN! :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a fun weekend! You have needed some FUN! So I guess this means you will let the routine out the window and go to the BBQ on Tuesday to have some more FUN??? LOL