Monday, June 28, 2010

Relaxing by day, partying (somewhat) by night.

A perfect weekend doesn't come along too often, but this weekend was just that. Perfect. We spent a lot of time at home, just being together as a family. Usually we are always on the go... meeting friends for playdates, trips to Target, and making up things just to get out of the house for a bit. Those things are always fun, but it's good to just take a break once in a while.

We had a quiet night at home Friday, doing some laundry and cleaning, but mostly watching TV and relaxing. On Saturday, Abby and I spent the day at home while Jim was at the field. Lots of playtime, cupcake baking, and naptime in between. It was nice to just relax and stay cool. It's SO HOT outside. Saturday night was a night of celebration. We had a babysitter for Abby Babbles (nickname courtesy of Ms. Katie). The Piersolls joined us in celebrating the hubs birthday. Not only was it his birthday, but his golden birthday... 27 on the 27th! After a wonderful dinner, lots of laughter at the comedy club, and a late night stop for a few more drinks and appetizers, the four of us were still awake to see 1 am. That does not happen often! What a fun and much needed night out!

Saturday night "loves"

1.) Love that the hubby talked me out of wearing flip flops with my dress. Doesn't every woman love a new pair of heels?! Thanks, babe!

2.) Love this. Us. The nights we spend together as husband and wife, instead of Mommy and Daddy. Parents need this every now and then!

3.) Love great friends. It makes a night out even more fun!

4.) Love that I drank a fruity cocktail with dinner and not the usual beer or wine. Yummy!

Sunday was a lazy day around the house for the most part. We all slept in, even Abby .... thanks to Ms. Katie, you rock!! Other than eating at Chipotle for lunch and grocery shopping, we stayed at home. It was Jim's actual birthday so we ate cupcakes and he played around with his new golf net and mat.

Weekends like this are perfect. Time to relax, unwind, spend time together as a family, and have a night out! Just perfect ...


Kirsten said...

Wow Liz! I'm impressed- heels, 1:00 AM and fruity drinks?? What has gotten into you?? Just kidding my dear! Good for you for getting out and having some fun on the town! Sounds like the perfect b-day weekend for Jim!

Carol said...

That was a fun night! I don't even remember you taking that picture...seriously, bad angle...really bad angle! LOL!

Susan said...

Sounds like you had a great night and made a memory. And, yes, getting out as a couple is VITAL. Good for you for recognizing it early. Happy birthday to Jim (a little late).

:-) Susan