Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Simple things ...

It's the simple things in life ... like meeting friends at the park at the end of each day, that make me smile. Something so simple, yet so refreshing. The same group of mamas and their kiddos have been meeting at our local park every weekday for a loooong time. Even while I was pregnant with Abby, I would join in. Why not get the best advice from these awesome mamas before my little one arrived?!

We meet at the park, let the kiddos play (in my case, Abby swings until she gets bored, crawls around a bit trying to eat twigs and sand, and then is attached to my hip for the rest of the time), but most importantly we meet to gab about anything and everything. That's where the refreshing part comes in. It surely isn't the 92 degree weather, with humidity that makes it feel like 102. Even with the sweat dripping down our backs, it's a great way to bring an end to the day. In fact, I look forward to this time with my friends and their kiddos. It really is the simple things ...

Huge shout out to Carol ... she brings her camera more often than me and is able to take some great snapshots of all the kiddos. Thank you!

Abby & Mommy

So happy!
Even after she bumped her head ... and ate some grass.

Say cheese!


Carol said...

I've always said that the park saves my sanity! I wanna see the 2nd picture in B&W!

Liz said...

Carol, I added the black and white.... sooooooo pretty!