Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sit, puppy, sit.

A few months back I had a conversation with Dr. Meyer (Abby's pediatrician) about sleep training. First let me just say that this man was born to work with children. I was referred to him by many families and after my first visit, I could see exactly why they praise him like they do. Dr. Meyer is very laid back, can keep a parent calm in any situation, has a soft voice, kisses babies heads, lets them suck on his (clean) fingers, and tickles them until they can't laugh anymore. Most importantly, I feel confident with his medical advice and the care that he provides.

Anyways, I had talked to Dr. Meyer about sleep training and questioned whether or not a 6 month old could truly go twelve hours without eating. Of course, now I know that the answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY and PRAISE GOD Abby sleeps 11-12 hours each night!

Amongst that conversation, I remember Dr. Meyer saying "Babies are like puppies." Hmm, interesting analogy doc, yet brilliant. Babies really are like puppies. They watch your every move, listen to you babbling away, and whine when they want your attention. Abby soaks up EVERYTHING and takes EVERYTHING in. It's so fun to watch her take in the world around her and learn new things.

About a month ago, Daddy taught Abby how to clap along to "If Your Happy and You Know it." Of course, every time I pull out the camera these days, it's like she completely freezes. She is more interested with the big, black object I shove in her face day after day than clapping for us while we sing. So... I give up... defeated by a 10 month old. Here's the best video I could get... pardon the clarity (and Daddy's new lyrics), I couldn't focus in time!

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toriebartee said...

Awww. Cute video. I've found that babies are a lot like puppies. They follow you everywhere...even in the bathroom lol.