Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's all about "Da Da" Today

Growing up, I sure knew what it was like to be a Daddy's girl. There is a special bond between a father and daughter that is unexplainable unless you've experienced it. So thank you Daddy for being the best ... Happy Father's Day, I love you!!

It's all coming full circle now, as I get to watch my husband form a special bond with our first baby, our daughter. Anyone can see that Abby will be a Daddy's girl... there is no doubt about that. I love how she smiles at him so big when she first sees him in the morning. I love the excitement in her eyes when he comes through the door after being away from home. I love the way she laughs with him when he lifts her upside down. On this special day, I wish for them to share this special bond for many years to come.

It was the perfect day, minus the breathtakingly humid Florida weather. We had breakfast at the house and playtime with Abby before her morning nap. After a relaxing morning, we headed to the driving range to meet up with the Piersoll clan. The daddies hit some golf balls, the kids played in the entertainment area, and we had some yummy pizza for lunch. It's always nice to share these special days with friends we call family!

Abby was wiped out from all the driving range fun and had a great afternoon nap. She woke up ready to play! Daddy and I witnessed one of her "firsts" together. Abby pulled up on the sofa for the first time. She has been pulling up on things, but nothing with this height! Yikes! Won't be long before she is cruising around on all the furniture. While Abby and Daddy had playtime, I cooked dinner. ::gasps:: Yes, I actually cooked!! Usually Jim is the head chef around here because I'm at the park with Abby around that time. So it was extra special that I was able to cook a meal for my husband on Father's Day! :) Days like this are the best. No big plans ... just being together, as a family.

Abby is one lucky, little girl to have such a wonderful man to call her Daddy.

Just another reason why I love this man. Jim takes the extra time to do special things for his little girl. This is his latest project... remodeling a dollhouse, bought at a yard sale for five bucks. A few weeks later, the dollhouse has new wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint, and even little flowers (that he made!) in the flower boxes.


Sue said...

Happy Father's Day to a very special daddy. Abby sure is a lucky little girl to have you in her life. I love the pictures, what special memories - love you all.

Carol said...

What a special day! Abby looks like a toddler in the father's day collage. She looks so grown up! That doll house was quite a looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet thing! And a sweet daddy! And she gets cuter and cuter!!