Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's a day like for Baby Abby?

Is this sweet little girl Abby? Nooooo, Abby doesn't have teeth yet!
My Great Aunt Myrt found this picture of me and sent it to me earlier this week. My mom and I decided that I was 8 months old when this picture was taken. Hmmm.... do you think it looks like little Miss Abby?

Here are a few pictures to snapshot a day in the life of Abigail.........
After waking up and a bottle, it's playtime!

After more playtime with Mommy and getting dressed, it's time for our first nap!
Abby looks so peaceful.... and comfy!

Photo shoot with Mommy... of course!

Sitting in the bumbo seat, working on that neck and head strength.... and trying to keep from losing all the hair on the back of her head!!

Smiling at Daddy before bathtime..... then bed!

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